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Why does the cost of web design vary so much?

Web design pricing is a difficult topic and one that I don’t think many people comprehend. That’s absolutely understandable, as I believe it’s our job as web professionals to try and explain it to our prospective clients.

If I put myself in your shoes, as a potential client, it must be so confusing when you contact several design companies and get one quote back from Company A for £500, and another from Company B for £5,000, for the exact same project.


So why the big difference?

One obvious answer is did you contact a freelancer or a large agency. Typically a freelancer or smaller agency will be


The Importance of a Great Web Design Questionnaire

Finding out what our clients really want from their website at the early stages of a project can sometimes seem an impossible task.  This can be due to a number of factors, such as the client not being entirely clear what their requirements are or us not asking the client the right questions.

From experience though, we know that getting a full and useful brief is vital to the success of the delivered design, so it’s critical that this part of the project is given sufficient time and consideration before any design work gets underway.

If the project objectives aren’t clear at the outset, the project will undoubtedly