We're a bespoke web design agency in Dorset who focus on results.

Our team are a flexible, friendly bunch, who will help you use data and a customer-centric approach to reimagine your website or ecommerce shop.

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Bespoke Web Design for Dorset School

A data-driven approach

Whether your business is based in Dorset or elsewhere in the UK we can help. As you know, your website or ecommerce shop is the centrepiece of all your online marketing activity. If you’re a service-based business, your website is responsible for generating leads, and if you’re an ecommerce retailer, your website is responsible for providing a beautiful shopping experience and selling products.

So rather than redesigning your website based on guesswork, we’ll work with you to create a bespoke design based on data. This approach eliminates risk and ensures your new website or ecommerce shop performs fantastically. Our approach to bespoke web design is a little different from some other agencies and it allows us to help you to get your new website live in a smarter way. We work with business in Dorset and across the UK, so if you’d like to discuss a web design and development project, give us a call on 01747 852298.

Ecommerce shops

Are you starting a new ecommerce business or do you already use Woocommerce for your online shop? We can help you create a results-focused Woocommerce shop that actually generates results.

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Bespoke websites

Are you stuck with a website that looks dated, is difficult for you to update and doesn’t generate leads? Let us help with a bespoke WordPress website focused on generating results.

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Digital marketing

With a well-thought-out digital marketing campaign, your business can reach more of the right customers at the right price. We’ll help you identify opportunities, then set up and monitor your campaign.

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Everything you’d expect from a web design agency

Whether it’s website design and development you need or the creation of a new ecommerce shop that utilises email marketing to drive sales, we can help you reach your digital goals.

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The smarter way to redesign your Dorset businesses website or ecommerce shop

We feel like the traditional approach to redesigning WordPress and Woocommerce websites is broken, so we use the Growth-Driven Design methodology to analyse your existing site, plan out a strategy and then get a beautiful website up and running that is always evolving based on the needs of your customers and users.

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It’s clear that there should be a process that allows you to launch a great looking website or ecommerce shop, so that it can collect data on how your visitors/customers are using it and then be tweaked and adjusted to really hone its effectiveness…

Will Smith
Director, authenticstyle