Having a presence online is essential for businesses more now than ever before – the number of customers going online to shop or research services is colossal and is set to continue growing year-on-year. Just having a website is no longer enough, it has to be effective. In this post, we tackle the top 10 redesign mistakes and their solutions.


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Not analysing your existing website first

Looking at the stats behind the scenes can help you pinpoint potential issues with your website. This can be a range of things from load time to bounce rate. Once you’ve got those figures you can look at the pages in question and work on them and reduce those negative stats. Solution

  • Use tools like Google Analytics and HotJar
  • Look at key metrics such as bounce rate etc

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Not creating customer “personas”

Your product or service isn’t for everyone, so your marketing and copy shouldn’t be either. If your website doesn’t hit the mark or enthuse your potential customers, there’s a good chance you’re missing out on business. If you want to get really good at converting your customers you’ve got to speak to them, you can do this by creating personas. Solution Sit down and create ‘personas’ for each of your ideal customer types. Include their background, information about their position in the company, their possible education, hobbies, their age, possible income, what region they live in. Then think about what their goals are, what problems/challenges do they face. Finally, write down how you help to solve these challenges and what common objections they might have so you’re ready to address them when they come up. Back to contents

Not considering how you’ll convert the user once they land on your site

Many business owners fail to acknowledge or put thought into this simple idea. A website without visitor goals is like a grocery store without food – what are visitors supposed to do when they arrive? What do you want them to do? Solution Decide what No 1 action you want your visitor to take and make that a priority on every page Back to contents

Using a WordPress template or theme

Using a theme is the number 1 sure-fire way to set yourself up among the masses. As a business one of the strongest things you can develop (aside from awesome marketing material and online  / social media presence) is your brand. Why settle for a standard design that’s shared with thousands of other businesses, when you could stand out against the crowd and have a unique, heavy-hitting brand? Solution Work with web designers who will create a look and feel for your website that is unique to your business. Back to contents

Not having a blog

Blogging is now an essential strategy for many businesses  and it’s easy to understand why when you know that search engines put a lot of weight on freshness in ranking, and when utilised correctly a blog can act like a salesperson for your business.  Solution Blog is key for Inbound Marketing Back to contents

Long load times

Slow load times are a killer. A one-second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions and the longer it takes the higher the abandonment. 85% of mobile users expect pages to load as fast or faster than they load on the desktop. Solution Reduce large images, minify code, enable caching and consider using a CDN Back to contents

Not considering search engine optimisation

A website is half of the puzzle when it comes to acquiring new customers, the other half is marketing (getting eyeballs to your website). SEO is a fantastic way to increase your site’s prominence in the search engines and so increase traffic. You want to make sure you rank above your competitors for the phrases that matter. Solution Consider phrases you’d like to rank for. Then optimise your content for it. Not sure where to start? Give us a shout. Get in touch about search engine optimisation and an inbound marketing strategy that can position you and your company as the number one experts in your field. Back to contents

Not making your content about how your business solves your target audience’s problems

Winning customers comes down to credibility, transparency, and trust. A fantastic way to boost all three is to share case studies showcasing how you’ve helped your existing customers. Pinpointing exact quantifiable results the client achieved, their review of your product / service and anything that makes you stand out from your competitors i.e. speed of delivery, quality, support etc. Solution Create case studies about projects you’ve undertaken and how you’ve helped your customers. Be sure to highlight results and your sterling customer service. Always include customer reviews where you can. Back to contents

Unnecessarily long sign up forms & checkout processes

Lengthy checkout pages and sign up forms can seriously harm conversions. Even if there are only a couple of steps to the process there’s a way you can reduce abandonment. See below… Solution Cut down on unnecessary steps, i.e. for signup forms full addresses and telephone details. For shopping cart, ensure the steps load quickly and include a progress bar to show customers how close they are to completing their purchases Back to contents

Not optimised for mobile

If your website isn’t optimised for mobile, you’re definitely hampering your results online.  People expect a website to be optimised. Studies show that 30% will abandon a purchase transaction if the shopping cart isn’t optimised for mobile devices. People can’t be bothered with tedious and time-consuming pinch and zoom, so click out and find another website which is optimised. Solution Hire designers to design and tweak the code on your website to make it mobile and tablet friendly. If you’re considering a rebrand or new website, this is the perfect time to modernise and strengthen your online presence Back to contents

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