If I put myself in the shoes of someone looking for a new website, I understand it’s tricky to find the individual or company you’re after. The reason being is that there are so many of us freelance web designers and large web design agencies out there. So, how do you choose the right one and how do you choose whether you want to work with a freelancer or a large agency? Well, it often comes down to personal taste when you view the work in their portfolio, and also the testimonials from past clients on their website should also play a large part in swaying your choice. However, I’d argue that using a freelancer is the way to go, so below are 10 reasons why you should use a freelance web designer for your next website project instead of a large agency.

  1. By far the most attractive benefit of hiring a freelance web designer or small design firm like mine is the potential for a competitive price
  2. Despite the potential for a lower cost, I produce work of an excellent standard – clients therefore get a great result at a reasonable price!
  3. I’ll give you fantastic personal service – I understand that if you’re outsourcing something as important as your website, you’ll want to know that you’re speaking to the person who you’ll be working with on your project and who’ll really understand ‘first hand’ what it is that you want
  4. I’m highly motivated – I really want to work with you on your project
  5. I’ll return your calls, I’m always keen to create a great impression
  6. I’m very driven and I want to do the best job possible – your work is really important to me as it will help my business as well as yours
  7. I’m able to deliver your project on time, it’s really important to me to keep your work on schedule
  8. I’m highly innovative I’ve got great ideas and cutting edge technology
  9. Freelance web designers and small design firms like mine are great when it comes to website upgrades because I’ll design your website and I’ll be here to help when you need changes
  10. I’m great at keeping you up-to-date with progress on your project – I’m committed to keeping you informed at every stage

It’s a good idea to look around to select a designer/agency that fits well with you. You could try  http://www.couponaudit.com/blog/top-freelance-designers-to-hire-for-your-designing-needs/ for some alternatives. I won’t mind – honest!

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