Guide to Creating Compelling Content For Your Website

Creating and publishing high quality, valuable free content on your website is the holy grail when it comes to getting more traffic to your website. Sure, it’s a long-term tactic, but it’s a very successful one.

Our team have put together 20 tips below, to help you create compelling content for your website. Enjoy!

1) Ensure that your content is more than 600 words long

Why? Well, posts of this length stand the best chance of ranking well on Google. Aim for about 2 sides of A4 if you’re drafting your post in Word or Google Docs. Unfortunately, a quick post containing a few paragraphs isn’t going to cut it, as Google looks to push detailed, informative and extremely useful content to the top of its rankings.

2) Make sure that your text is laid out in small readable chunks

Although length is definitely key to ranking well, also make sure that your text is laid out in small readable chunks. Often if you click onto an article and it’s just a mass of text, it can be a bit daunting, whereas if you break it up into three to four lines, then it’s instinctively more inviting. Think short and snappy.

3) Multimedia

Using images and video is also a great way to create engaging content on your website. Think about ways you can break up the text with images and videos to make it look more inviting.

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4) Aim to help and educate with every post you produce

Don’t make a post for the sake of making a post. Don’t just churn out news about your company as that’s probably not as interesting to everyone else as it is to you. Each of your posts needs to help educate your target market.

5) Create “evergreen” content as this ranks extremely well

This is content which will stand the test of time. It will always be useful and relevant. You don’t want to be posting blogs about things which will quickly become outdated. That way, if your post does rank well on Google, it should remain there and continuously drive traffic to your website for years to come.

6) Don’t use fancy jargon

Write in layman’s terms so that it’s reader-friendly and accessible. or how you’d normally talk to your audience. Remember, it’s your brand that you’re putting out there so make sure it’s in keeping with how you’re hoping come to across. Just think, how would I normally talk to my audience/customers – online shouldn’t be any different.

7) Be consistent

At first, aim to post an article twice each month to create a habit. The more frequently you post the more traffic you will get (provided that the content is useful).

8) Think of periodic content which you can post

This might be a “How to” series or an overall industry news roundup. These can generate quick (as they don’t take too much research) and interesting content. Try and make them as relevant to your targeted audience as possible.

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9) Interview your own team

Have you ever thought about interviewing your own team? They are experts at knowing what your clients and customers are after as they are dealing with them on a day to day basis. Get their insights and use their knowledge to your advantage to generate engaging material.

10) Guest bloggers/contributors

Another way to generate great material is to ask a fellow successful industry blogger to write a blog as a guest post on your site. The bonus with these types of blog posts is twofold. Not only does this often mean that you get an insight into what content their audience (which is usually your targeted demographic) find interesting, but the guest blogger usually directs their already assembled followers to your site by linking to you, generating, even more, traffic.

11) Interview industry experts

As well as interviewing your team, you could reach out to industry giants and ask them for an interview. This allows you to get the answers your audience are dying to know.

12) Ask for ideas

A unique way of generating content is by gathering data and analysing your findings. Whether it’s through a survey or poll on your social media. It’s a great way of engaging your audience and they will enjoy reading the content which they’ve actually contributed to!

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13) Write List style posts

Lists are a great way of breaking down content in a readable way. E.g. Our top ten recommended eCommerce product pages. But just don’t list off any old content – really like about how these lists can educate.

14) Reference popular culture

Another great way to achieve engaging content is to look at popular culture and see how you can tie it into your industry tips. If you need an idea – have a look at our article on What I’m a Celeb can teach you about branding. Just make sure you’re releasing this content in a timely manner to generate the most traffic. For example, we released that article on the evening of the I’m a Celeb final.

15) Get a bit controversial

A debate can sometimes generate the most interesting content as you get both sides of an argument – it also gets a lot of notice as people love to get involved and put across their perspective or completely disagree with a side.

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16) Comparison style posts

This also works when the point of your blog is to compare two different things. Comparisons can generate a lot of comments – especially if you make bold and sometimes controversial statements.

17) Competitions

It’s not necessarily good content but you can gain a lot of traction from offering freebies or announcing a competition. You just have to make sure that when potential clients click to find out how to win said item, you can catch them with your compelling content so that they come back to view your material and becoming part of your regular audience.

18) Industry Trends

Talking about the latest trends can help you generate intriguing content. What’s trending in your industry can be an easy win in terms of gaining audient traffic.

19) Have you ever thought about Liveblogging?

It’s relatively straightforward but can be very effective. It means that if someone isn’t able to make a seminar, workshop, event, etc. they can tune into your live blog to find out exactly what happened and what the main points from each speaker were without actually being there.

20) BONUS: Don’t forget to promote your content

Seems a shame to produce all of this great work if no one is aware that it’s out there! Post it out on all of your social media outlets. Tweet about it, Facebook it, etc. This is often the step that many businesses forget.

You could even go one step further and reach out to other website owners to see if they’ll link to your content within their own articles.

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