In this post I’ve got 3 awesome tools for you that could literally transform how your website works for you in 2014. Lets go ahead and get started. So, you’ve probably already got a website. You had it designed and built over a year ago and it’s been doing a good job for your business. You’re happy enough with the way it looks, although it’s not the subject of regular praise and adoration. But, it’s generating you a steady stream of enquiries. tools-radically-improve-website-2014 Not bad, but you could always use more leads right?! Right! Here are 3 tools that you can easily use on your existing website to get some incredible insights into to how your users are interacting with it.

1) CrazyEgg: Heatmaps, Overlays, Scrollmaps

CrazyEgg is a brilliant, affordable tool (just $9/month for the basic plan) that lets you see where your users are clicking by overlaying a heatmap on top of your webpage. It pretty much gives you X-ray vision on your web pages! CrazyEgg is also really useful because it equally shows you what your users aren’t clicking too. Some of it’s other features in addition to the Heatmap are:

  • Overlays: these show you the actual number of clicks your site got in certain areas of the page.
  • Confetti: tells you where you visitors came from, the search phrases they used, device type and lots more.
  • Scrollmap: how far down your page users scrolled.

crazyegg-example Armed with the information that CrazyEgg gives you, you can start to think about what small changes you can make to combat these issues. It might be that your visitors aren’t clicking your “get in touch” button, so you might want to try changing the wording on the button, or just make the button itself look a lot more ‘clickable”. Bear in mind, it’s always a good idea to test these kinds of changes in an A/B split test to find out for certain if the change affected your conversion rate. More on A/B testing and ‘events’ in Google Analytics in another post perhaps! All it takes to add CrazyEgg to your site is just a couple of lines of JavaScript that you need to place before the closing HTML tag on your site. It’s a 5 second job.

2) WebEngage: Unobtrusive Feedback Surveys

Next up, it’s WebEngage – a simple, but powerful tool that allows you to survey your website visitors. There’s a free plan, so head on over to their site and get yourself signed up. webengage-survey-example A WebEngage survey is great because you can have it appear after a set time has elapsed on a certain page of your site. You can have it appear when a user goes to navigate away from your site too (although you need to pay for that feature, but it’s worth it). This feature is particularly useful because you can ask questions like “What made you decide to not get in touch with us today?” and get some amazing insights straight from your potential customers. Just stop and think momentarily about all the possible questions you could get answers to… pretty exciting hey? We had a client once where a survey on their checkout page revealed that a bug in a particular version of Internet Explorer was preventing a percentage of their customers from completing the checkout process. I’d just like to say at this point that the bug wasn’t our fault, we hadn’t built the client’s website 🙂 . We also found out that on the previous version of our own website, people were struggling with the contrast between the background and body text – something we had no idea about because on our lovely iMac’s the text was clear as day.

3) Video/Audio of Users Interacting with Your Website

Finally, its UserTesting is a website that allows you to pay regular web users to test your website and record a video, complete with audio, whilst they do it. You can even drill down into their experience with the web (regular or experienced users) and their annual income. usertesting-example Although this is the most expensive of all the tools (a simple test with 3 participants costs $147), we think it’s probably the best because you can set tasks for these users to attempt to carry out and also ask them questions once they’ve finished testing your site. The fact that you also get recorded video and audio, with the users explaining their thoughts to you as they use your website, it’s hugely valuable. Watching a user navigate your website, trying to carry out what you think is a really simple task, (e.g. adding the XYZ Running Top to your cart) can often throw up some really interesting issues. You might not realise, for example, that the search bar on your website proved troublesome to locate quickly, or, that the “Add to Cart” button was not immediately noticeable.

Final Thoughts

Many of the issues that come to light as a result of running a test on, CrazyEgg and a survey on WebEngage are really simple copy changes. For example, a headline not making sense, or the descriptive text on a button not being clear. These are all items you can easily address yourself. There are likely to be some larger items that you might need a web designer to fix, and that’s what we’re here for! If you’d prefer that we handle setting these tools up for you, and managing the whole process, we’re more than happy to use our expertise to do this for you. Just give us a call to find out how we can get started working together: 01747 852298

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