Pretty much everyone is using Facebook and spending a large amount of their online time browsing it. For that reason it’s becoming an increasingly good platform for small businesses to use for advertising. In this blog post we’ll look at 5 methods you can use  to generate more business for your company through Facebook. 5-tips-for-generating-business-facebook

1) Quality Posts at Regular Times

Quality and regularity are the key with Facebook. Pick a time of day (we find just before lunch and just after 5pm work well) and try and post daily at this time. Of course if you’ve got nothing of value to say, don’t say it. Quality is so important, so before you post each update, ask yourself:

  • Would I engage with that post if I saw it in my news feed?
  • Did I actually ask for or encourage action (like, share, comment)?
  • Does this post truly help my audience?
  • Does this post educate, entertain or empower?

2) Use Imagery Effectively

Posts without images to accompany them are wasted posts. People are visual creatures, so a nicely designed image in someone’s timeline is going to capture their attention amongst the sea of status updates from their friends. using-imagery-with-facebook-posts We’d advise you to make sure the images you post are “on brand” for your company (for example always using your company typeface and colours wherever possible), but if you’re managing your own Facebook page, and aren’t a Photoshop ninja, we know that’s not possible. However, if you do have Photoshop and want to take control of the imagery you post in your news feed, download our Facebook Update PSD Template.

3) Promote Your Posts

As you use Facebook and publish more and more content, you’ll notice trends with the style of posts that your audience tend to share and interact with more. Your “Admin Panel” is where you’ll be able to quickly scan for this info. admin-panel Once a month see which of your posts got the most engagement and try and replicate the style of these in your future posts. You can also “Promote Posts” so they reach more people. Advertising with Facebook is pretty straight-forward, and you can set a cap on your spending, so don’t worry about racking up astronomical costs. You’d be surprised the reach that £40-£80 on a promoted post can get you. The targeting options with Facebook are awesome too. For example, if you wanted to, you can easily specify with ease that only small business owners between the ages of 35-40, who live in the UK can see your content.

4) Share (Certain) Aspects of Your Personal Life

Work is only a portion of our lives and it shouldn’t define us. Lots of the companies with the best company cultures regular post insights into their lives inside and outside of the office to help create more personal relationships with their customers. How about this? Try posting a few updates each week about your employees. One idea could be to take a picture of an employee each day and ask them to answer a couple of quick questions about their hobbies. Then share these once a week on your Facebook page. It will give your customers an insight into the personalities of the people working at your company and help you connect. Use our FREE PSD template to ensure the size of the image you post will be perfect. free-facebook-template-download-image

5) Create a Free Resource & Advertise It

This is something we’re actually working on ourselves! With Facebook being such a great advertising platform, why not create a simple free resource (like a short eBook – no more than 10 pages) and give it away on your website in exchange for your visitors email address. See how you can build your mailing list at the same time with something like this? Once your resource is created, post about it on your Facebook wall and “promote” the post to get a wider audience reach.

Over to you…

I hope this post has been useful to you, and if you’ve had any experiences using Facebook to generate business for your company, I’d love to hear it in the comments below. Facebook marketing is an ongoing process, but tie it in with the analytics you should be using on your website, and you’ll be able to measure how your efforts are going over time.

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