Firstly, let’s start by finding out exactly what “branding” is, because it’s much more than just a logo. Branding is the creation of a defined name, a distinguishing image and a promise to your customers of what they can expect from your business, your products and your services. branding-design-dorset-main It conveys the essence of who you are, what you stand for, what you do and what makes you different and special. It doesn’t matter if you’re the owner of a large or small business, you’ll benefit massively from developing and maintaining a recognisable ‘brand’. If you do it right, your brand will deliver a clear message, provide credibility, connect with your customers emotionally, motivate them to buy from you and develop ‘brand’ loyalty. So let’s get to it.

How do you know it’s time to revamp and redesign your businesses brand?

if you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following:

1) Has your company name changed?

This is pretty fundamental, but if you’ve changed the name of your business then you won’t want to just put the new company name into your existing logo – this will likely just look strange and your customers may find it confusing. You’ll need to refresh and modernise your logo and branding to clearly reflect your new business, conveying your new personality and key message. Launching a refreshed image will give you authority and instill continued trust and brand loyalty from your customers.

2) Has your business grown?

If your business started out small and has grown, then you’ll want to convey the positives of the new and enhanced products and services that you’re able to offer your customers. A brand change can really make your growth transition easier. Refreshing your brand will ensure your new image aligns with how you’d like people to perceive your business change.

3) Have your products or services changed?

Then a brand re-design will be essential in conveying these changes to your customers, it will also help you stand to out from your competitors in your new marketplace.

4) Has your branding been around for too long?

If you’re branding has been around for a while, then it’s very likely going to need a refresh, so that it reflects how your business has changed and evolved over time and to show the direction that you’re heading for the future.

5) Have you got a new market?

If you’re selling to a new market and your current branding isn’t speaking to your new customers then it’s definitely time to look at revamping your branding so your message is clear and memorable.

6) Have your communications with your customers become inconsistent?

Brand consistency is really important so you’re always conveying your brand and values consistently in everything that you do. If you’ve not been consistent with the use of your logo, colour scheme, typeface and message across all forms of your communications you will need to re-evaluate your brand message to ensure you’re conveying a strong Brand Identity, that instantly informs your customers about your company and its reputation and will enable them to trust the quality of each product or service that you provide.

Some of our branding and identity design work

We’re skilled in all forms of Branding Design from our studio in Dorset – take a look at how we’ve helped some of our clients with their corporate branding.


branding-design-dorset-stony-edge-branding Branding for an online store in New York selling high-end smartphone cases, audio recording equipment and furniture. Stony Edge needed us to work with them to create a brand identity that conveyed luxury and simplicity.

Ivory Jacobs

branding-design-dorset-ivory-jacobs-branding Brand identity design for a Southampton based recruitment to recruitment specialist. The Director was keen to have her company’s brand portray a modern, slightly feminine feel.

Flying Fox

branding-design-dorset-flying-fox-branding Flying Fox — a Japanese product buying service — approached us to create the look and feel of their brand and website. Both Flying Fox and ourselves wanted to create a look that was clean and vibrant, incorporating a fox into the logo somehow.


branding-design-dorset-protecto-branding Branding design for a New York based warranty company, selling protection plans for electronic devices. The aim here was to portray the “360 degrees” of cover that Protect-O offer. We did this by incorporating a circular arrow into the “O” of the company name.

BIC Warehouse

branding-design-dorset-bic-warehouse-branding Based in New York we worked with BIC warehouse — an online hardware store for big and large projects — to design a brand identity that would instantly convey what they did. It needs to be big, bold and strong.

LoveSoul Choir

branding-design-dorset-lovesoul-choir-branding Southampton and Bournemouth based choir Love Soul commissioned us to produce their branding. In the logo we managed to cleverly combine the “e” and “s” in the company name to form two hearts.


branding-design-dorset-punica-branding Punica sell luxury Turkish cushions, throws and rugs from their Dorset base. With the word “punica” being the scientific name for “pomegranate”, we came up with a hand-drawn pomegranate illustration that would become the ‘mark’ associated with the company.

Track Record Global

branding-design-dorset-track-record-global Verifying and storing product compliance information, Track Record Global required a fresh new brand identity that would incorporate the company’s abbreviation and make a visual connection to compliance / checklists.

Now’s the time to modernise your branding

If your company’s brand is looking tired and dated, now is the time to update it and inject some fresh life into it. If you’d like to talk to us about how we can work together to affordably redesign your branding give us a call on 01747 852298.

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