In this article we’ll explore some of the most common issues we’ve seen Wix website owners like you facing, and why migrating to WordPress is an affordable and sensible next step.

Wix makes sense…

When you first started out on your business journey and you needed a simple website without any complex functionality, Wix was a great solution. It allowed you to get your first company website up and running quickly without paying a web design company to do it all for you. In actual fact I recently had a family member who was tentatively testing a new business venture and I actually recommended she use Wix. Why? Probably for the same reasons you chose the platform:

  • She was prepared to take the time out of her schedule to play around with Wix and build the site herself.
  • She wasn’t overly fussed with how her “brand” looked.
  • Her requirements were very simple – all she needed was a single page website.

And it proved to be a good decision, allowing her to get up and running, place some ads in local magazines and get her first customers.

So, why then should you migrate from Wix to WordPress?

It’s likely that as things start to progress and your business becomes more established, you’ll want to adjust your website to reflect this. That might involve an improved design to build trust and credibility with your customers. Maybe it’s more emphasis on improving your Google rankings or maybe you now require more complex functionality allowing your customer to create recurring purchases or login to access a secure client area.

As great as Wix is as a starter platform, it’s shouldn’t be seen as a long term solution.

It’s the perfect tool to test the water with your business idea, but there will be a time when it makes sense to move on, and we believe that a custom WordPress website is a much better long term solution.

So let’s jump in and look at some common signs that it might be time for you to move from Wix to WordPress.

(1) Your Google rankings aren’t as high as you’d like

google-rankings-wix There’s been a lot of hype over the last few years about whether Wix websites are good for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Having helped work on a Wix site, I can say from experience that while yes, you can do the basics, you can’t actually modify the code behind your website and unfortunately that means you can’t make the really impactful technical “on-page” SEO changes that will give your site the foundation it needs to achieve great organic Google rankings. Whilst the Wix drag and drop builder (the platforms main draw) makes it easy to lay out elements on your page, it’s downfall is that your website’s code will become messy as you make edits and add elements on top of other elements. Just inspect the code on your site and you’ll likely see lots of <div> and <span> tags which are far from ideal. Essentially you’re relying on Wix’s app to make important SEO decisions for you as you drag and drop elements onto the page, and this results in messy code which Google doesn’t reward. If you want a site built on a solid foundation for SEO, you absolutely can’t beat a site hand coded by experts. Also in a day and age where content creation is hugely important for SEO, WordPress stands out as it allows you to really easily generate new content and optimise it with the Yoast SEO plugin too.

(2) Your customers mobile experience of your website is poor

poor-mobile-experience-wix It might surprise you to know that most websites these days are getting more traffic on mobile and tablet devices combined than on desktop computers alone. With usability on mobile devices being so key to the success of your business, you will likely reach a point where you need some advice when it comes to really fine tuning your site for your mobile visitors. There’s a lot to be said to working with a company who look at mobile websites day in, day out, and know what’s best practice to offer the best user experience on these devices In actual fact mobile should really be given a massive amount of thought before you start doing any “designing” if you want to get the most from your website. A bespoke WordPress website built by a professional will ensure that the mobile experience of your site is considered as a priority and not an afterthought.

(3) You’re frustrated you can’t analyse and test your sites performance

analyse-website-data-wix It’s a bit frustrating that you can’t get deep into the data with your Wix site. Sure you can install Google Analytics to see things like your site’s bounce rate, but you can’t go deeper and start testing design changes and running tools like HotJar that let you actually record visitors using your site, allowing you to fine tune it to become great at converting visitors into customers. WordPress is a great platform once you reach this stage, as there are a number of tools that can be integrated with it to allow you to hone your website’s effectiveness.

(4) You value your time for more important tasks

value-your-time It’s likely when you first started your business you had more free time than you do now. Back then you were happy to build your own site and make edits yourself, but now you’ve got more high value tasks within your business you need to focus on. Whilst WordPress gives you total control of your website’s content so you can edit it yourself, it’s likely you don’t want to waste time redesigning your site yourself in Wix. If you’re thinking like this then now is the time to have your site built on WordPress as you can focus on what you need to be doing within your business, but still have the flexibility of editing and managing all your websites content once your new site is completed.

(5) You want to own your website and it’s content

own-your-content-wix-wordpress Did you know that on Wix you don’t actually own your website or any of it’s content as it’s all hosted by Wix themselves? With a custom WordPress website you’re taking a step in the right direction as you’ll own your entire site and all your content. That’s really quite important when you think about it.

(6) You want a platform that’s future-proof

future-proof-wix-wordpress WordPress is an open source platform, which means that it’s always being improved upon by a huge community. WordPress now powers over 70% of all websites online, so by migrating from Wix to WordPress you’re on a hugely future-proof platform that’s always improving and will allow your business grow.

(7) You need additional functionality

code You might now have requirements for more advanced functionality on your website? A simple website might have been perfect to get you started, but now do you need features that allow your clients to login to access documents and files? Maybe you want to start selling on a professional and secure platform people will trust? If so, then it’s time to migrate to WordPress as it’s customisable through many free plugins and it’s extendable through PHP customisations too.

(8) You want build trust through professional design

build-trust-through-professional-design-wordpress-wix Investing in a professionally designed website will without doubt allow you to build trust and inspire confidence in your customers to use your services or buy from you. If you want to take the next step and ramp up conversions on your website, then a custom designed WordPress website that’s true to your brand will outperform a Wix site when it comes to sales and leads.

Wix to get started. WordPress to get serious.

Having helped work on a Wix site recently outside of work hours, I’d still confidently say that Wix is a good starter platform if you want to test a business idea and you’ve got time available to create your site yourself. But if your business is evolving and growing, then there will definitely become a time when you outgrow it. When this happens WordPress is a fantastic content management system to commit to for your next website, as it will allow you to grow, add features, achieve great Google rankings and much much more. It need not cost as much as you might think either…

If you’ve got any questions about moving from Wix to WordPress, give us a call on 01747 852298 for a friendly chat about your options. Or get in touch via email using our contact form.

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