Authentic Style Featured in MacUser Magazine

It was brought to my attention a few days ago that Authentic Style was featured in the article ’10 Of The Best Online Portfolios’ in the February issue of MacUser magazine. image1

Thanks MacUser Mag!

I have to say that I did re-read the email a couple of times just to make certain what I’d read was correct. Thankfully Nigel Tipping was kind enough to send me a copy so I could get my hands on the real thing. I just want to say thanks to MacUser Magazine for featuring me, and especially thank Nigel for being kind enough to send me a copy of the mag.  I had absolutely no idea of the feature so it was a real shock! It was great to be included alongside some other excellent portfolios as well, like Digital Mash, Jose Ortiz (recently redesigned), Will Pearson, and Robbie Manson to name but a few. If you’d like to see what they said about Authentic Style, here is the excerpt;

Web designer William Smith has one of the better single-page sites we’ve seen, because it has surprisingly thoughtful navigation. Some single-page sites provide links between sections that jump to the top of the page, but here you’ll find the full navigation bar. It’s a much better option, since you can seamlessly flow through the site in whatever order you prefer. Occasionally portfolios include a thumbnail and a link to the client’s site, which can be a frustrating situation if a site has subsequently been redesigned. Smith avoids this with Web 2.0 image previews of complete website designs and a link so you can sample the site’s interaction.

I’ll leave you with some more images of the magazine… image2 image3 image4

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