This week we’ve all been getting ‘hot in the kitchen’! Last month, I threw down the gauntlet to the rest of the team, proposing a ‘Great Studio Bake-Off’ Challenge! bake-off-main-image2 Toby was immediately up for it, which surprised me a bit, but I later found out he’d taken Home Ec at school (at this point I realised I’d have some tough competition!). Will thought he might be able to muster something edible so we pushed ahead and set a date (17 Feb). We agreed on a free choice on the bake – this way we’d each be comfortable with what we were making (easing the pressure!!). I decided to opt for something chocolatey – thinking this could be a possible winner (I knew at least 2 of the team were big chocolate fans – a good start!). All seemed to be going to plan, until Saturday afternoon when Toby posted that he might have to back out ‘5 attempts and nothing edible’ – seemed he dozed off whilst they were in the oven!  A later post came as a relief, Toby declared all was well, he’d stayed awake – and was good to go! Monday morning arrived and everyone (anonymously) delivered their bakes ready for tasting and judging. This was when it became very clear that the competition was going to be tough! See the pics below, I think you’ll agree that even Mary Berry would be impressed! entries Next we got down to the best bit ….. the tasting! eating We scored each bake (except our own) on both appearance and taste using the following scale:

  • 0 = DISASTER
  • 1 = DECENT
  • 2 = GOOD
  • 3 = VERY GOOD
  • 5 = WOW

Not surprisingly, appearances didn’t deceive and the scoring was high all round……. (Embarrassingly) I was the winner, scoring 27, but it was very close

  • Will came 2nd, scoring 25, with his outstanding chocolate brownies
  • Equal 3rd, with 24 points, were Toby, with his incredible shortbread
  • and Tom with those amazing choc chip muffins.

winner Just for the record – BOYS CAN BAKE (at least here at AS HQ they can!!). Will’s challenged us to a ‘Pool Challenge’ next – so I’m preparing to surrender the ‘Challenge Cup’ very soon! We’ll keep you posted!

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