Ecommerce Best Practices Checklist 2021 [Free PDF]

On-site best practices to ensure your ecommerce website performs at its best

Included in this 2021 Ecommerce Best Practices Checklist PDF is easy to digest advice on how to improve your ecommerce website in a matter of minutes, focusing on the following nine key areas:
Ecommerce Best Practices Checklist 2021 [Free PDF]

  1. Global site checks
  2. Homepage
  3. Landing Pages
  4. Category / Listing Pages
  5. Product Pages
  6. Basket / Cart Page
  7. Checkout
  8. Blog / Journal
  9. Emails

Here are some things you should know:

  • Frequently updated – this free ecommerce best practice guide is regularly updated to ensure that you, as an ecommerce business owner, always have up-to-date information.
  • Learn from the leaders – the recommendations inside come from our own 10+ years of ecommerce experience and also what the “big boys” are doing. The biggest companies invest millions analysing and testing their ecommerce websites, so there is much that can be learnt from them.
  • It’s important to measure – to get the most out of this guide we recommend that you have a way of recording/measuring the effectiveness of your ecommerce website. This will allow you to test the changes we recommend in this free guide to see how they move the needle.


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