10 Simple Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website

What’s covered in this guide to getting more website traffic?

So your business has recently launched a new or improved website. Your family and colleagues know all about it but what can you do to actively promote it to potential clienta and customers and help drive more traffic to it?

In this guide to more website traffic, we’ve compiled a list of 10 ways you can market your website, so you can reap the rewards of consistent traffic and begin converting those visitors into customers and clients.

Let’s get into it:

1. Publish seriously great, high-value content

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One of the best things you can do to generate non-paid for “organic” traffic through search engines is to give away ridiculously high-value content for free.

You can do this is a few ways:

  1. Create articles and publish them on the blog or news area of your website, then promote these articles on social media
  2. Guest post on other blogs in your niche
  3. Publish case studies about past projects/pieces of work that people can learn from
  4. Publish articles on LinkedIn Pulse

The ‘end-goal’ here is to become your visitor’s go-to authority for information in your industry. And at the same time, publishing content like this will massively boost your Google ranking because if your content is of high enough value others will link to it and share it on social media.

You might like to check out our “Ultimate Guide to Blogging for Small Business Owners“.

2. Create an offer and email your list about it

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E-shots and regular email newsletter campaigns are a great way of keeping in touch with your customers and also your prospects. They say it takes between 6 and 9 interactions with a prospect before you’ll convert them to a customer – your email marketing can help you do this.

Those valuable pieces of content you started writing in point #1 above? Recycle them into shorter emails and send them out once a week to your customer database. Emailing your list (with valuable content) is a great way to push them back to your website and potentially convert them into a customer or client.

Another idea for you

If you need to shift some leftover products or have some availability you need to fill, craft an irresistible offer, turn it into an E-shot and fire it out to your list. You’ll be surprised at the uptake you’ll get with this sort of thing.

A cleaning company we heard about did exactly this when they had two employees finish up early on a job. The founder sent out an email with a discount off of their usual day rate and two other clients got back saying they could do with some onsite cleaning being done. The founder kept his staff busy and managed to sell over a thousand pounds worth of additional business all in the time it took to write a short email offer.

You can find out more about the reasons why email marketing is so powerful in our other article.

3. Get active on social media

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Social media offers you the opportunity to build a following and gives you simultaneous access and interaction with recent, old and potentially new customers.

It needn’t take much time either if you do it smart. The best tool to use is Hootsuite – it’s free and you can manage your company’s Facebook, Google+, and Twitter accounts all from one place and even schedule your messages to go out at set times.

Every blogpost, image, video or comment that you share is a chance to get a reaction that could lead to a visit to your website. Not every discussion that you have will result in a visit, but every positive interaction that you achieve increases the likelihood of one. So go ahead – get social!

Many business owners don’t ‘get’ social media, but getting into the habit of re-posting links to articles you publish on your website will help gain traffic. Don’t make it all about you though. Share valuable industry insights and news that your customers / followers will genuinely find useful and you’ll see the benefits of social media.

4. Create a free guide

Authentic Style-10 Simple Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website 4

Consider putting together some useful resources that visitors and prospects can download from your site. It’s a fair amount of effort, but it’s well worth it.

Why? Because it’s great to give away information for free and you position yourself as an expert (are you seeing the trend here?).

When you give away a guide or resource on your website, you can use an email marketing tool (such as MailChimp) to create an “opt-in” form, so that the visitor has to give you their name and email to be able to download your guide. You can then have those details added to a list in MailChimp that you can follow up with later via email – you can even automate this process. Let us know if you want to find out how. This is a great way to capture leads on your website.

When you create your free guide, remember to start off by thinking about what information your customers will be desperate to read about, and give them something well-written and useful, then keep in touch with them regularly with more useful blogs, tips and actionable advice that will help solve their problems.

With your email marketing, don’t forget to keep your brand style consistent so it matches your web presence. If you need help here, just let us know.

5. Record a video

Authentic Style-10 Simple Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website 5

Hold on, don’t run off scared! What about creating a useful ‘how-to’ video or a ‘why work with us’ video and upload it to YouTube?

You can also embed the video on your own website as video is extremely engaging and will encourage people to stick around on your site.

People buy from people, so if you aren’t always able to meet with your potential clients, having them see you will help them feel more like they know and trust you.

Here’s a little exercise

Use your smartphone on a tripod to keep the shot steady (you can get a cheap tripod from Amazon) and record a short 40 second video based around the following points:

  • Who you are
  • Who you help
  • Why prospects can be confident working with you and why they can trust you
  • How what you are offering will transform their business / life
  • How they can get in touch with you

6. Get active on forums

A quick one but a good one.

Hunt out some industry specific forums, join and include a link to your website in your forum signature. You can set this up in your ‘profile’ area.

Don’t go around shamelessly promoting your business though. Genuinely offer help and advice to other members and they’ll naturally see the link in your signature and check out your site.

Many forums don’t allow Google to index links, which basically means posting on forums with your link in your signature won’t help your Google ranking. But it will help your credibility and increase your traffic that way.

7. Paid online advertising

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This one’s not free, but it can be very effective.

If your business is ‘business to consumer’ then Facebook ads can be an extremely cost-effective way to boost sales and generate customers. For as little as £40, you can create a Facebook ad to drive people to your website – perhaps to download that guide you’re now thinking about writing based on tip #4?

If you’re more ‘business to business’(B2B) then Google Adwords might be a better option. BE CAREFUL though if you haven’t managed Adwords accounts before, as it is extremely easy to waste a lot of money if you don’t know the ins and outs. That said, if Adwords is set up correctly it can be a great way to increase sales.

We’ve got a great tips and advice in our article “Google Ads: Tips for Setting Up A Successful Campaign“.

Want to know more about Facebook ads or Google Adwords? Get in touch with us.

8. Good old fashioned mailshots (with an offer)

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Creating quality, informative mailshots, brochures and flyers, that your prospects will find useful, and will possibly want to share with other business colleagues and friends, can win you new jobs and also get you more web traffic.

They’re also a great way of conveying the quality of your business and your expertise and with consistent branding, will keep your business firmly in your prospect’s minds for when they need something.

They may seem a little ‘old school’ but they do have a part to play in driving traffic to your website.

After all, if your mailshots are engaging and informative your customers will want to head straight to your website to find out more about you and take full advantage of any other useful resources your website can offer.

Try formulating a list of some people or businesses you’d like to work with in your area, put together an offer letter and send it out along with a flyer that’s got useful, valuable information in it. Again, you can recycle some of your online material, such as blog posts and content from your guides to help with this. What have you got to lose?

9. Get out there and bang that drum

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Online activities are great, but sometimes you just have to get out from behind your computer or from the day-to-day running of your business and meet people.

Business networking and making business connections is a great way of expanding your circle of contacts, at the same time giving you access to decision-makers who might otherwise be difficult to engage with using conventional methods. It’s the ‘who you know’ not ‘what you know’ mentality.

Building enduring, mutually beneficial relationships with like-minded business contacts is possibly one of the most important activities you can do, yet so many people overlook it because it puts them out of their comfort zone.

After all, if you are given a personal recommendation from a contact you know and trust, for a product or service that you need, then you’re more likely than not going to put that contact at the top of your list.

Networking with local and national groups and contacts will definitely get contacts clicking on your website – so get out there with lots of business cards and start looking for local groups and networking circles that you can connect with.

10. Try a piece of editorial in a local magazine

Authentic Style-10 Simple Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website 9

Although an old fashioned way of advertising, it still has its place.

Again, look at some of the blog posts you’ve written and see if any of the topics you’ve covered here have been particularly popular. You can look at your Google Analytics stats to determine this.

Once you’ve found a popular post, can you rework it as your piece of editorial?

Advertising offline can be tough to measure (unless you use call tracking numbers), but it is a great way to raise awareness locally and get more visits to your site.

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