Up until recently Google had several different options for business owners looking to manage how details of their company appear online. There was Google Places, Google Local, Google Maps for Business and several other offerings. The main issue with this, was that you had to manage them all separately. google-my-business-local Now though, Google have aimed to bring everything under one roof with – Google My Business. Put simply, it’s aimed to be the single place where a business owner can manage their business under the Google umbrella, and it’s a much needed solution. So, if you haven’t got Google My Business set up, you’re missing out.

Here’s why you should be using Google My Business

Google is the number one visited website on the planet, attracting 1.7 billion page views a day. So, from a business point of view, it easy to justify why it makes great sense to be using a service that is directly linked to the most widely used search engine available. The options My Business offer also directly impact how your company appears in the local search engine rankings too, so thats a big reason not to ignore it. Here’s the dashboard: dashboard Lets look at some of these options in more detail…

Manage your location, contact details and more

Like you could with Google Places, Google My Business lets you manage your business address, opening times and contact details. Why is this important? Well if you’re a business that relies a lot on local search, having a My Business presence for your company will allow you to appear on a map when people search your business name. This added visual enhancement can really help boost click-throughs to your website. location

Integration with Google+

Google+ (plus) launched a while back and everyone flocked to it. Then it kind of died a death and turned into a barren wasteland. These days though its gaining some traction again, amongst professionals at least, so it’s worth your company using it regularly to share updates and news with the people following you. Google My Business lets you share your posts with your Google+ circles easily, making it easier to stay on top of Google+ updates your company makes to it’s followers. googleplus


You can also get stats from My Business on the reach of your company’s Google+ posts, directly from the Dashboard. This is pretty handy to see which of your updates got spread the furthest and which were most popular.


Something which I personally think is going to be a game changer this year. Google My Business gives you a central place to manage a reply to the reviews/rating your customers have left you. review1 Reviews already appear in the search engine listings pages for larger companies (see image below), but I think they’ll become a game changer for more local businesses and start to have much more of an impact on your businesses search rankings very soon. For that reason, I would highly recommend you go and get your best customers to review you on Google My Business. review2


Google My Business also gives you a little snapshot of the analytics for your website (if you’re running Google Analytics, of course, which you should be!). Whilst no substitute for logging into the actual Analytics dashboard, this can be handy none-the-less. analytics

What are you waiting for?

So, go ahead, if you haven’t already, go and get set up on Google My Business. It will provide you with greater visibility and another channel to expose your brand and your products to a bigger audience. Go to Google My Business Further resources for you to check out:

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