“How do I rank higher on Google?” – it’s the age old question everyone wants to know the answer to.

Whilst there are many components and factors involved in successfully getting your website and it’s pages to rank higher on Google, I wanted to cover one technique that is extremely effective. What is it? Creating cornerstone content pages.

What is cornerstone content?

Cornerstone content is a single page on your website that is dedicated to the key phrase that you want to be found for. Let’s take a hypothetical. Imagine you’re the owner of a running shoe store and you know you want to be found for the key phrase “best cushioned running shoes”. The way you create cornerstone content based around this key phrase is to create as much useful content about cushioned running shoes as you can on your site – your blog is the best place for this. You have got one right? You could write product reviews, provide information about why a cushioned running shoe is important, the scientific benefits, how it’s likely to prevent injury etc etc. Basically you are strategically building up a pool of content related to the “best cushioned running shoes” key phrase that you want to be found for.

What you then do is create a page (not a blog post) on your site that is dedicated to the subject of cushioned running shoes.

It should include information in it’s own right about this topic, but then crucially, it needs to internally link to all that content you previously created.

Why will it help me rank higher on Google?

Simple. Because you are effectively creating a central hub of content based around “best cushioned running shoes”. In theory, the content found here should be hugely useful and valuable to your site’s visitors. If you promote your cornerstone content page on social media and let people know about it, there’s a high change other websites are going to start to link back to it, because it’s useful for their readers. And backlinks as we know, will further boost your cornerstone content pages chances of ranking for the key phrase “best cushioned running shoes”.

Interested in learning more?

Here are two fantastic articles that explain cornerstone content much more clearly than I ever could:

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