Every job is different, so there isn’t a ‘one fits all’ answer to this question – but often the answer comes down to how well-organised your web designer is and how much preparation and communication is done at the start of the project. how-much-of-my-valuable-time

Time’s money

At Authentic Style, we’re always conscious that a client’s time is money and our time is their money too. We pride ourselves on outstanding organisation – we have a tried and tested process that we use that is pretty much the same whatever digital project we’re working on – it keeps the project on track and ensures it’s completed in a timely manner.

Listening saves time

Before starting any new project we only think about doing one thing ….. listening. Doing this one, seemingly, small thing at the beginning ensures not only that the project will be a resounding success (which is our reason for being), but it also ensures that time is saved throughout the project. Listening carefully ensures we clearly understand what the client wants, needs, likes, doesn’t like and what they want to achieve with their website, after this all our skills can slot seamlessly into place.

Working in a way that suits you

At the outset we agree a set of milestones with our clients, which lay out the stages of the project and dates when the client’s input will be needed. Sure, within our process we always need the client to check they’re happy with what they see, and we actively encourage this client involvement, before we move on to the next phase of the project, which is why we include these dates within the contract at the start, but, if we’ve listened carefully, there shouldn’t be any nasty surprises at any stage. Also, our specialist project management system keeps everything in one place, so it’s easy to keep track of all communications and files throughout the life of the project. Some clients want to be heavily involved at every stage and others are happy for us to just run things by them only when important decisions need to be made. We’re happy whichever way a client wants to work. But, if client time is limited we can keep communications to a minimum.

What our clients say …..

We’ve recently completed an ecommerce website for a specialist retailer, GBGT, that took us 4 weeks from start to finish and this is what the client said: “The first computer I had was a ZX81 – probably now much older than most of the team at AS. I never really learnt to use the ZX and, to be quite honest, I’m more analogue than digital. I get by, like the rest of us, with mobiles and the internet but in no way do I have a deep grasp of all things digital. So, it was with some trepidation and insecurity that I got in touch with the team at AS to deliver the digital side of my business. After an initial chat with Will (the Boss), where I talked and he listened, I felt markedly more confident, as I felt he totally understood what I was trying to achieve. Their listening skills are key. They give you what you want and let you know what you may need. From that initial discussion to the delivery of the site today, the process has been totally stress and hassle free. The process has taken up very little of my time (no more than a couple of hours) which is important with all the other building blocks of a new business falling into place. Plus the boys and girls at AS just ‘get it’. Their sites, design and communication are very contemporary and they have really delivered to the ‘point of difference’ that I was looking for. The best accolade that I can give them is that, in the next six months, I’m going to start another venture and that business, without doubt, will go to AS.” Stan Kingsbury, GBGT So, if your time is tight, it just goes to show you may only need to set aside 2-3 hours, over the lifespan of your entire project.

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