So, how much will a new website cost?

This is a question that, as web designers, we’re frequently asked. Every website is different, but let’s say it’s roughly £6,000 – cheap, isn’t it? Actually it’s a snip – even at twice the price!! how-much-does-a-website-cost If you’re shocked by the price tag – then think about this… Imagine your website is a new member of your sales team… an employee it’s much easier to understand, imagine your website is a new salesman, his name’s Jim:

Why Jim is awesome

1) Jim works 24/7, 365 days a year. 2) Jim never sleeps, never takes lunch breaks and never goes on holiday. His only interest in life is to communicate with your customers and promote your products and skills. 3) Jim’s perfect – he knows everything about your business and gives a perfect pitch every time. 4) Jim works anywhere and everywhere – in every country throughout the world. He can be in tons of places all at the same time – and amazingly, no matter where’s he’s working he’s giving everyone his individual one-to-one attention. Jim travels well too – he doesn’t charge for any petrol, airfares, hotel expenses. 5) Jim can scale up and down in size – no dieting – he’ll fit into any space –  a mobile phone, a tablet, a laptop or a desktop computer. 6) Jim’s clever too – he can speak to all of your customers, whatever nationality, in their own language.

Amazing return on your investment

Let’s face it, Jim’s really, really cheap! If Jim worked for your company for 3 years, the initial outlay of £6,000 would work out at just £2,000 per year – but better still, the longer Jim works for you the cheaper his annual salary gets – plus he’ll never leave or go and work for the opposition! Jim earns under £1 an hour but he doesn’t mind – he’ll work tirelessly for you everyday- you’re the only reasons he’s alive – don’t you feel really sorry for Jim? Don’t fret though, Jim doesn’t have any feelings, ‘cos he’s not real – he’s a website….he’s YOUR website! So, ask again – how much will my new website cost? £6,000?… it’s a steal, right?

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