Create a Simple Custom Shortcode in WordPress

There are many instances when you may want to implement a custom shortcode in WordPress – be it a time saving exercise for yourself or for a client. There are many ways to create shortcodes for the more advanced wordpress developer or user, however if you are looking for a simple fix to save you a second or two, then this is it!

Here is the code :

Place this in your functions.php file, right at the bottom.

function page_footer_shortcode() {  $include = include 'includes/content-footer.php'; return $include; } add_shortcode('get-in-touch','page_footer_shortcode');

What does that mean?

This is simply saying that I want to add a shortcode, which I will include in a folder in my theme. Then, when someone enters “[get-in-touch]” in the WordPress editor in the back-end, when published, it gets replaced with the content you specified in the file you created. Simple! I have a file inside my theme folder called “content-footer.php”, which is within a folder called “includes”. The code inside that file is as follows:

 <?php $html = " <div class="get-in-touch"> <ul> <li> GET IN TOUCH : </li> <li class="phone-get-in-touch"> 214.208.3830 </li> <li class="email-get-in-touch"> [email protected] </li> </ul> </div> "; return $html; ?>

What does that mean?

This is really simple PHP code. It declares a variable, which is called ‘html’ and inside that (not by chance) is the html you will be putting into your post or page if you decide to use shortcodes inside a theme file. The only thing to watch out for in the html code is that you have to put a before your speech marks. That variable is then returned to wherever it is needed. Hopefully that wasn’t too complicated. This can be a real time saver if you want to give a client the ability to add a couple of different content options at the bottom of their website pages or blog posts.

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