Creating effective landing pages on your website is crucial to the success of your business online. In this article we’ll cover the basics of what a landing page is, how you can create one, and the main traits of an effective landing page. All with the aim of generating new leads for your business.

So, what is a landing page?

Let’s get back to basics quickly if you aren’t familiar with what a landing page is, it’s a page on your website that highlights one specific product or service offering. It is called a landing page, because it is the page you want people to land on when you direct them to it from a Google Adwords advert you have running or from an email newsletter, etc. It’s sole aim is to convince the user to carry out an action that you define. progress

Why should I create one and how can it help promote my services and generate leads?

The short answer is that it will improve your ability to convert visitors into customer / clients. A landing page typically does this much more effectively than the homepage of your website because it has a single focus, which matches the intent of the ad you showed the visitor. The visitor is specifically looking for what you’re offering, and if your landing page is effective the visitor will carry out your desired action.

6 elements you must include in your landing page design to make it effective

Landing pages have been in use for years, and that’s great, because there are several key traits all effective landing pages have in common:

1) Clean clear, well structured design

This example layout below shows the basic formula for success when it comes to landing page layout. Keep things simple with your visual (or video) on the left, the key message on the right, along with your call to action. You’ll also want to be sure to include testimonials and guarantees to ensure visitors to your landing page feel they can trust you. formstack

2) A compelling headline, sales copy with clearly defined benefits

Your copy is more important than your design and you should spend 80% of your time focusing on your landing page headline. It’s got to strike a chord with your visitors and make them want to read on. It could be a “benefit” headline that makes it clear what positives the visitor will get by working with you, or downloading your resource. Or it could be a “how to” headline. Check out this blog post on 8 different types of headlines you can draw inspiration from. From your headline you need short succinct sales copy that addresses your prospects concerns and explains why your service is the solution. compelling-headline

3) Offer a high value, free download

To make it even more compelling for your visitors to complete your action of choice, it’s a great idea to offer something to them for free. A white paper, a guide, an ebook – these are all things that are easy to create and need not be lengthy, just a 2-3 page PDF will suffice as long as the content is high value..

4) Keep your form short

In exchange for giving away this high value content, you’re going to want to ask for the visitors name and email address. This is how you capture your leads and “conversions”. Keeping your form short is essential as people don’t have time (and equally don’t feel comfortable) giving away much more than that. Be sure to include copy next to your main call to action button that reassures the user you aren’t going to spam them. This example below illustrates that nicely. screenshot-michaelhyatt

5) A way to capture your leads and a plan on how to market to them once you have their info

What do you do with the visitor’s details once they’ve been persuaded to hand them over? MailChimp is free to use email marketing tool that lets you create simple forms to embed on your landing pages that will capture visitors details. You also need a plan in place regarding just how you are going to market to these people once they’ve given you their details. The best way to do this is to create an automation series in MailChimp. This is a series of pre-written emails that get sent out in order at specific times. A good number of emails to create is typically 10 which get sent out over a 3 week period. These ‘touch points’ with potential clients helps them to feel at ease with you and more likely to hire you. The content of these emails is obviously critical too. It needs to be useful and valuable again and address the problem your landing page aimed to solve. A good thing to do is try to tell a story in each of the emails. People love stories! Mailchimp_Automation_Workflows-1024x466

6) Make your copy match your PPC ads

To keep the relevancy of your landing page high and in line with your Google Adwords advert, you need to make sure the headlines for both match as closely as possible.


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