I’m really excited to announce that the first iPhone application interface design I’ve worked on, iChampi, has finally gone live in the iTunes Store! It’s been amazing to finally use the app on my iPhone.

New Challenge

Designing for the iPhone has been such a great experience and one that I’ve enjoyed so much. Its nice to take a step back from designing websites and look at over coming the new challenges of designing for a much smaller mobile device.

iChampi Design

Below you can take a look at two of the screen designs for iChampi. If you like your mushrooms and you’re French, then this app might come in handy! In essence it allows you to tag your location when you’re out picking mushrooms and also informs you about the various types of mushrooms species and whether they are edible or not. So, quite handy if you’re into mushrooms in a big way. Although there are a few minor design issues with the finished app, which are likely to be due to some things in the development stage (I was responsible for only the design), on the whole I’m really happy with the final outcome. image1 I’m currently working on the designs for a new iPhone app for a luxury French hotel, so stay tuned for more information and screen shots on that once its complete! Having said that, I couldn’t resist using a screen shot to accompany the iChampi design in the main image for this article though.

Thinking about creating an iPhone App?

If you’re interested in having Authentic Style work with you on your next iPhone application then please do get in touch!

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