Today I found myself with 30 minutes to spare at the end of the day, so thought I’d share a few interesting links I’ve been collecting over the past few weeks that might just be useful for you too…

Tim Ferriss

This guy is amazing! I won’t go into all he has achieved here, but I was lucky enough to receive his book ‘The Four Hour Work Week‘ as a gift and I’m currently working my way through it. Most of the points in the book are superb and really get you thinking about the way most of us work. One of the main points that jumped out at me was Tim’s idea of having mini retirements instead of gearing your whole working life towards one big retirement. I’m not sure how feasible this might be, but I certainly like the idea (and can see the benefit) of taking three or four breaks during a year. I’d also highly recommend you check out Tim’s blog and watch a few of the video entries he records with Kevin Rose of Digg. A favorite of mine is a video where Tim and Kevin talk about their top 5 favorite books.

Jason Fried

As I’m sure many of you know Jason is the guy behind 37 Signals, the makers of web apps such as Basecamp and Campfire. I don’t really know that much about Jason and 37 Signals, but this article I came across is a great insight into some of his personal beliefs about running a business – ‘The Way I Work: Jason Fried of 37Signals‘. If you’re familiar with Tim Ferris (who I mentioned above) then you can see some overlap between both of their ideas and key philosophies regarding work – for example the elimination of meetings. Both guys believe in hard work, but go about achieving it in different ways from the normal 9-5’ers (Tim being the more extreme of the two in his ideologies). You also might want to check out 37 Signals second in command David Heineimeier Hansson’s ‘Unlearn Your MBA‘ audio podcast and Jason’s video interview on the O’Reilly Community website. Pretty interesting stuff.

Leo Babauta

I can’t say that I’m an incredibly healthy, focused or organized person, but whenever I find myself wanting to try and better different aspects of my life I always find myself coming back to Leo’s blog ‘Zen Habits‘. All of the articles are well written and the majority will get you feeling excited about trying to simplify your life, which is the main premise of Leo’s blog. If you really want to live a simpler life you can even try reading the Zen Habits book ‘The Power Of Less

Alan Sugar

Business Zone asked Sir Alan Sugar (star of the BBC’s The Apprentice) to answer a few questions about running small businesses, preparing business plans and the personal traits you need to have to become successful. I only just came across these short videos earlier today, but found them to be very helpful none the less. I’m still not 100% decided what to make of Sir Alan, but you can’t argue the guy has been successful and knows a thing or two about business.

Your links…

If you’ve bookmarked a few articles you think might be beneficial in supporting this post then please by all means post them in the comments below. I look forward to reading them!

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