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We all knew that the 91st Academy Awards ceremony aka the 2019 Oscars was not one to be missed, but how did you know about it? There’s a reason why you tuned into this prestigious award ceremony and that’s because it was marketed well. It’s the same with your business, how will people know that they should be paying attention to you unless you promote yourself appropriately?

So, how can you market yourself to be not just a known brand but an elite brand, just like the Oscars do?

1) Become Industry Experts

Place yourself in the limelight so that if someone stumbles upon your business, or even better they’ve had your business actively targeted at them, they can tell that you are an expert in your field.

You can do this in a number of ways:

  • Share your knowledge:

By writing articles about your industry via your blog or even in local magazines with links to your website. This shows that you are knowledgeable and can offer guidance on matters that your potential client-base might have.

  • Understand your knowledge gaps:

It’s really important to NEVER fake that you have expertise just to reach more potential customers if you haven’t got the knowledge to deliver on it. People will quickly suss you out if you do and it’s likely to do more harm than good.

  • Sell your knowledge:

One way to establish yourself as an expert is to produce products that you can sell – so if you’re a web developer, you could create a plugin to help with website sales reporting, if you’re a gardener, you may publish a book on sowing seed timelines, you could offer online courses, mentor programmes, etc you get the idea. This avenue works two fold as selling these products can establish credibility but also can help fund your business’ growth so that you can marketing to more people.

  • Keep up to date on new legislation:

Research changes that might affect your business / industry so that you are ahead of your competition. Because undoubtedly, if this change is going to affect your business, it will also affect your customers, so be proactive and keep in the know.

  • Proudly display case studies on your website:

By showcasing what work you’ve done previously, you can show before and after shots, outline the benefits that the customer has had since using your service which will act to persuade a potential lead into a paying customer.

  • Show off your customer testimonials:

Possibly one of the most convincing ways of converting leads into sales is to have customer reviews on your website and Google My Business listing. People generally do a lot of research before they buy, so you can be sure that they’re reading your reviews. They want to know that they are going to be provided with good service and a great product before they sign up and by seeing positive messages from others that have used you will undoubtedly sway them in the right direction.

  • Exhibit any awards you’ve won:

I’m sure that the next film that Best Actor winner Rami Malek stars in will be marketed to say something along the lines of: “Oscar winning actor Rami Malek stars in…” It adds credibility that the acting will be top notch and that the film will be a must see. It’s the same with any awards that you’ve won. Have them readily accessible and on view to all so that they know that you are the leading organisation in your field.

2) Use Clear Branding

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Everyone at the Oscars knows what is going to happen and exactly what they are getting from the event and this is due to clear messaging. All of your marketing messages should be clear and consistent with your brand and values. These need to be communicated with clarity and succinctly. Unless you’re communicating what your organisation can do for customers, people won’t understand exactly what you do and you won’t motivate anyone to get in touch or want to use your service.

So what’s your brand? We’ve put together a list of items which we feel are very important to outline in your marketing:

  • Honesty and Integrity:

These are two of Nolan’s Ethics Principles but they are so important when people are looking for a service to use. Potential customers want to know that the business that they choose will be honest and work with integrity whether it’s by being realistic with expectations or in decision making, etc.

  • Confidence:

Most people are drawn to others who are confident, so being confident in front of potential customers is really important. It gains respect, makes them feel at ease and gives them confidence to work with you.

  • Inspire:

This one can be quite difficult but you should aim to inspire your customers to dream big. Whether it’s what they could be doing with your help or what they could learn and become. By inspiring them to want to change something means that you can persuade them to want to evolve using your services.

  • Be Passionate:

Showing that you’re passionate and committed to what you do sets you apart heaps and bounds above someone who isn’t. If you show all of the expertise but come across like you don’t enjoy what you do, it won’t get people excited about buying from or working with you. Redesigning a website, for example, can be a lot of work on both sides as the customer has to produce a lot of content and if you lack passion when building their website, they aren’t going to get excited and empowered about getting the website completed.

  • Outline your attributes:

Are you creative and an innovator? Again your attributes make you stand out from the competition. Show why you are THE company to use for unique ideas which can be turned into a reality. Just make sure that you don’t try to stand out too much and get the award for the worst dressed like some of the A Listers from this year’s ceremony.

3) Tailored Marketing Messages

You should ensure that all of your marketing is tailored to your targeted demographic. In order to pinpoint who your audience is, you could create a customer persona. This is a fictional representation of your ideal customers to focus your marketing efforts towards. By knowing who you’re targeting makes it easier to point your marketing in terms of language, format and medium. For example – if your customers are over 60, it might not be best to focus all of your marketing efforts on social media and instead stick to direct mail and in-person events.

authenticstyle-Is your business marketing 'red carpet' ready? 1

In order to have a successful marketing campaign you should test that it’s having the desired effect on your targeted demographic. You can be sure that all of the films which were nominated for the Best Film category would have had pilot screenings and focus groups to test that their film was as good as it can be. After testing, you should re-evaluate and if necessary change your marketing strategies to ensure that it is as good as it good be.


If you feel like you’re not quite “award-worthy” in your marketing campaigns, then now is the time to act. Don’t entertain the idea that you can’t be doing more, as you always can be. Reevaluate your current marketing strategies, align your objectives and in no time at all the Academy Awards may create a new category to include you in their nominations. In her speech, Olivia Coleman stated that she was a cleaner for many years and then made a few changes and she’s just won the Oscar for Best Actress. Who knows where your business will be if you decide to make a few changes too – the sky’s the limit!

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