First things first – I hope that you are safe and well and that your business is managing during these strange and uncertain times during the Covid-19 pandemic.

If your business has slowed down somewhat during the most recent lockdown, you might be feeling deflated, uncertain about the future and unsure about where to focus your efforts.

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My advice would be to use any downtime that you have to focus more than ever on your website and your online marketing – I’m not just saying that. I think there is opportunity to be had during any lockdown where competitors are potentially taking their foot off the gas.

Marketing in uncertain times has to be done very carefully and I’m not suggesting launching new online marketing campaigns asking for people’s business – I think your offering dictates whether that’s appropriate – but what I am saying is that now isn’t the time to take your foot off the gas if you want your website to flourish whenever we emerge from a lockdown.

So, let’s look at how you can make the most of your website during a lockdown period.

authenticstyle-How to make the most of your website during lockdown

Invest in SEO sensibly

Search engine optimisation has always had an air of mystery surrounding it. There are so many factors that influence how Google ranks your website, but one thing is for sure – doing nothing certainly won’t help you outrank your competitors.

If you already pay for monthly SEO work on your website you may have cut back or you might have pulled the plug completely. In my opinion that’s not a wise move, as stopping vital work on your website means stagnation, and your rankings you’ve worked hard to achieve will start to slip. It also gives your competitors who are plugging away the chance to outrank you.

What we do know for sure is that a stagnant website definitely doesn’t rank well on Google.

In actual fact, a lockdown could even be an opportunity, as other businesses who pull the plug altogether on their SEO work start to slide, you can capitalise on this and start to catch up if you continue onwards in a cost-effective, sensible way that you can afford at this time.

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Competitor analysis

When was the last time you REALLY looked long and hard at your competitors?

I don’t mean just having a quick nosey at their site and clicking around, but really spending some time putting together a document outlining the strengths and weaknesses of their online operation?

If you need help creating a research document like this let me know, but now is certainly the time to look hard at your own offering and those of your competitors, and see if there are things you could be doing better.

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Create and publish content

If you or your staff have more time on your hands, then a really smart way to make the most of it during a lockdown is to put your heads together and brainstorm two months worth of content that you can publish on your website and then recycle for use on your social media channels.

The point of publishing content on your website is that it positions you as an expert, and if done cleverly that content can also drive a lot of traffic to your website.

How do you deem your article idea to be a good one?

Check out Tip #1 in our article 8 Actionable SEO Tips to Improve Your Rankings, but to summarise, you need to target your content at popular search terms (key phrases), so:

Creating content might sound like a lot of work, but it is definitely worth it. As mentioned previously you can create one piece of content for your website and then recycle it across so many different platforms; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you can even make a video around it, you could send out a client newsletter about it – the list goes on. So the time it takes to write kills many birds so to speak.

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Try a new channel

Things are a bit strange at the moment so why not embrace all this change we’re currently going through with some change to your usual marketing methods?

Perhaps you’ve never tried video. Nowadays creating high-quality video content is easier than ever with the tech our smartphones contain.

With a few bits of kit (a tripod from Amazon, a simple microphone and a ring light) you can easy shoot quality videos and then edit them with software on your smartphone or on your PC/MAC.

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Audit your own website

The data that your website gathers is the key to unlocking more success, so now is the time to do a deep dive into your Google Analytics and learn all you can about how people are finding your website and exactly how they are using it once they are browsing it too.

I always talk about HotJar, a heat mapping tool that lets you see where visitors click and how far they scroll. Simple information like this can really go a long way to making your website more effective at converting visitors into clients and customers.

If you need help auditing your Google Analytics, just let me know.

Getting focused…

Getting focused during a lockdown and ensuring that you stay on top of your website and your marketing will mean that you come out the other side of this pandemic with a high-performing website that has an abundance of traffic flowing to it.

If you stop, you’ll likely stall and it’ll be harder to get your website back up to where it was.

If anything in this article struck a chord, please do get in touch as I’d be happy to chat about how our web design services can help you during a lockdown.

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