With everything that Covid-19 has thrown our way, now is the perfect time to look at additional revenue streams to ensure that your business continues to flourish – and thats exactly what SingForce did recently.

In this short post we’ll look at how we helped them create a paid members area within their existing WordPress website in only 2 days.

authenticstyle-Adding a new revenue stream with a WordPress members area

Who are SingForce?

SingForce is a venture led by Sound Pop Academy and Love Soul Choir leader Dan Cooper, and it aims to bring fun and collaboration into the workplace through singing. What a great idea! They’ve even been featured on ITV Meridian news.

Businesses are able to book SingForce to run a singing workshop with their employees or individual teams, to boost morale, improve mental health and do you know what the best bit is? It doesn’t matter if you’ve got no previous singing experience. Come on, who doesn’t love to blast out some lyrics to their favourite songs in the shower and feel all the better for it?

In all seriousness though, these kinds of singing workshops have a profound impact on staff wellbeing and mental health, so they’re the perfect way for managers and business owners to invest in their people.

When Covid-19 and Lockdown 1.0 struck back in March, it obviously mean’t that SingForce couldn’t provide in-person workshops. Thanks to the wonders of Zoom it was still possible to provide a similar experience online, but SingForce wanted to go further, so that’s why they came up with SingForce+. Here’s a 2 minute explainer:

The opportunity they recognised

With Lockdown leading to isolation and poor mental health, SingForce realised that now more than ever we need each other to provide that little spark to get through the tough days and that we need to be very aware of our mental health.

SingForce+ provides a way for people to sign up to a membership which gives them exclusive access to an online forum where all members can share tips on mental health, sleep and exercise and it also gives them access to highly valuable content that SingForce+ create and share, with their tips on fine-tuning your mind and body, interviews with experts and tools you can use to help.

What was our involvement?

Authentic Style’s involvement came in the shape of making this all possible on SingForce’s existing WordPress website, so let’s take a look at what we did.

We took what SingForce already had and utilised a fantastic plugin called Paid Memberships Pro, coupled with bbPress (to provide the forum), and were able to set up the membership functionality allowing SingForce to offer paid memberships for their SingForce+ service and start accepting members in just 2 days.

SingForce+ landing page

Below you can see the landing page we created on the SingForce website promoting the new ‘plus’ service, outlining the benefits and providing a clear way of signing up.

Memberships sign-up process

And below you can see the sign up process, taking the user to a simple form in which they complete their subscription using PayPal.

Members only content

Once signed up, SingForce+ members then have access to the aforementioned blog, full of wellness tips, and also the forum, where members are sharing their experiences and tips for tackling mental health and well being.

Obviously all of these areas are also mobile friendly, meaning it’s easy for members to leave comments on blog posts and create forum threads from their mobile devices.

Thinking of adding a members area to your WordPress website?

We absolutely loved helping SingForce get SingForce+ off the ground and love the amazing work they are doing.

If your business is thinking of offering memberships to give your staff or your customers access to more of your knowledge, expertise or premium content, then do get in touch as it is so simple to put this in place on your existing WordPress website.

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