Towards the latter stages of 2015 I had the pleasure of visiting Bristol based carpenters Complete Carpentry at their Bristol HQ, to see how we might be able to help them with their website. Prior to the meeting I’d prepared an audit of their current website, which I wanted to discuss with them. But my main aim was to try and uncover the true pain points of the existing website from Complete Carpentry’s side. Sure, the current website looked dated, but it might have been really effective. It was my job to find out what the problem was and how we could solve it. As we talked, the underlying problem seemed to be that Complete Carpentry didn’t think their current site was doing them any favours when it came to tendering for work. They’d win the majority of the projects they went for, but there were some that they lost marginally on price, and the company owners felt that could be down to the poor image being projected by the website. I tended to agree—image is massively important and you can’t ignore the importance of making that great first impression. As we ran through the website and it’s structure, it became clear that Complete Carpentry had worked on some huge projects in and around the Bristol area. They had case studies on their existing site, but these were tucked away and didn’t do the work justice with really small images being used. You also couldn’t see at a glance some of the large companies they’d worked for –  Kier, Beard and Halsall to name but a few.

The existing Complete Carpentry website

So here’s a look at the existing website Complete Carpentry had. As you can see it was quite dated and didn’t really make their work shine. There were also technical issues, like the fact that the website wasn’t mobile-friendly. carpentry-bristol-old-website

Here’s the new website design we proposed

So here’s what we came up with. A totally custom designed website with a massive emphasis on the successful projects Complete Carpentry had worked on. carpentry-contracors-bristol-new-website-design You’ll notice the homepage is quite tall. We felt that the featured projects at the top of the page deserved to take up a lot of space – after all these would link through to more detailed case studies. We also wanted to clearly outline the kinds of services Complete Carpentry offer by utilising a large blue block where the background image changes as you hover over each service.

Project case studies

One of the most important parts of the site was the project case studies. You can see from the design of this page below that we’ve given Complete Carpentry the ability to showcase their work using large images and balanced this with space for them to go into the intricacies of each project too. carpentry-contracors-bristol-case-study

Service pages

Services pages previously consisted of around one paragraph of text – not enough for our dear friend Google! We recommended that like the project details pages, these service pages needed to have more text and also be made much more visual. The blue services block from the homepage provides an easy way to navigate around this part of the website quickly and easily too. carpentry-contracors-bristol-services

Utilising WordPress for the build of the Complete Carpentry website

Like all the sites we work on, we integrated the Complete Carpentry site with WordPress. This gives them complete control over every aspect of the new website. New service pages can be added (if necessary) along with new projects and news articles too. Of course the entire site is mobile-friendly so Complete Carpentry now know that their website is going to deliver a fantastic experience to people on the go too. View the website carpentry-contracors-bristol-mobile-website

Client testimonial

This was a lovely project for us to work on and we were delighted Laura from Complete Carpentry Bristol gave us glowing such a glowing review.

We were immediately impressed by your portfolio of work and we felt that you understood our requirements exactly. Will also offered us valuable advice and recommendations on how to improve the functionality of the website and the overall user experience. We’re over the moon with the new website and it has really exceeded our expectations. – Laura Jarrett, Complete Carpentry Bristol

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