Finally it’s here! We’re really proud to release the new version of the Authentic Style website, which is now fully responsive and much lighter than the previous version. We’d absolutely love to hear your feedback and comments as you explore the new look website. So please leave a comment and let us know your honest feedback (and if you spot any bugs we need to fix!). So here are some quick details on the redesign

1) The Design

Everyone says it (and its 100% true): creating the design for your own company is the hardest project you’ll ever work on. The version of the site you’re looking at went through two previous versions which even made it into code. Then as client work took precidence and I came back to look at what I’d created I wasn’t happy, so I went back to the drawing board. While this new design will never be perfect, I’m hoping it goes a long way to showing the transition that Authentic Style as a company is taking, and gives a vibrant fresh feel. It was also a real help to have Tom, Toby and Alli onboard when I started the wireframing process so I could share ideas with them and get their feedback.

2) The Format

After much thought we decided a single page site would be the way to go again for this new version. We’ve been able to elaborate on the services we offer by using beautifully styled modal windows (great job Toby and Tom!) and, with a cool jQuery featured project slider at the top of the page, we’ve been able to show off some nice large screenshots of our work, instead of being limited to screenshots inside modal windows in the previous version.

Special thanks

Firstly, hats of to Toby (our developer) who’s been patiently working away on the site for a while, putting up with my ever expanding to-do list of tweaks on Basecamp. So thanks Toby, fantastic job, we really appreciate it. Secondly, thanks to Alli for helping come up with some great copy and also to Tom for helping put together the outline design for the team and skill modal windows And finally, special thanks to the talented Bella West for coming up to our office to take the portrait shots of the team.

Over and out

So this is the new look Authentic Style – we hope you like it, and who knows? We might get to work together on your next project very soon!

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