Well not quite yet, but as of 21st April. That means I’m taking on work, so if you’re looking for new website get in touch. Keep reading if you want to find out exactly what I’ll be offering.

Giant Leap

Working for yourself is a humongous step. You need to be self motivated, keen to learn, have a passion for what you do, be able to manage your time effectively, and ready to make some mistakes. I feel like I’m ready for the challenge and am really excited to be able to call myself a freelancer! Between my last job at Redweb and my current job at Atelier I freelanced for a month just to keep myself entertained, and I realised then just how much I loved it. There was something about having to hunt for work, speak more with prospects and clients, and manage yourself from day to day that made my work time so much more interesting. Only doing it for a month isn’t going to compare to doing it full time, but it was then I realised I really didn’t want to work for someone else for the rest of my career. So after a hell of a lot of thought and reading I decided to hand my notice in at Atelier, (if you’re looking for a design job by the way, they’re a great bunch of guys) and go it alone. I’m definitely going to miss the people there, but what with all the twittering that goes on anyway I think I’ll be able to stay in touch!


I’ll mainly be offering bespoke website design, content managed websites, ecommerce solutions and email newsletter design/build. But I’d also be interested to take on graphic design jobs and smaller projects, such as sprucing up existing sites and offering advice to small business about how to further improve their websites. I’ve also got experience in search engine optimisation having worked some successful website redesigns that focused heavily on improved SEO.

More blogging

Me going freelance is going to be great news for this blog. I’m a firm believer in how much a blog can help a business and create a helpful following, no matter how big or small. So with that in mind I’ll be trying to add more posts here to generate some traffic for the Authentic Style site and help spread the word about my company.

Lastly, hire me!

Its as simple as that! Check out my work, and if you like what you see use the form to get in touch with me. I’ll let you know my rates and provide you with a quote in no time. I’m looking forward to working with some very interesting clients. To sum up, I can’t wait to start!

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