Here’s a quick overview of a branding, web design and packaging design project that’ll be going live for a New York based client of our’s early 2015.


StonyEdge contacted us initially way back in July 2013 to create a fresh new identity for their company. StonyEdge are based in New York, but sell audio products (like mini-microphones for podcasting) and unique leather cases for smartphones to customers all over the world. We quickly agreed with the customer over Skype on our discovery call that the design needed to look sleek, minimal and project a high-end luxury image. With this in mind we produced 3-4 different concepts and very quickly settled on the finished logo below. It simply uses the “SE” initials in a stylised typeface with the company name broken over two lines in a much more contemporary looking typeface with the kerning (the space between the letters) increased slightly. new-york-audio-logo-design In terms of a colour scheme, we felt that black, white, red and grey did a great job at communicating that this is a company producing and selling high-end audio products.

Ecommerce Web Design

Following on from the branding project, StonyEdge got back in touch with us in September 2014 to refresh and update their tired website. We jumped at the chance of sprucing up their site and taking the look and feel we’d created at the branding stage of the project through into a fresh new website. Below you can see a couple of screenshots of the various pages we designed. Click the images to view the index of designs at full size. Here’s the homepage which we kept nice and simple, using clear iconography to represent the three categories of products StonyEdge offer. This would become important later when we got to the packaging design. new-york-audio-web-design-HOME The category page can be seen below, on which we went with a less conventional layout, showing single products in horizontal blocks allowing a video to be added to each one. We knew the client was keen on producing videos for individual products and video content is highly engaging for visitors, so we wanted to give the videos pride of place. new-york-audio-web-design-CATEGORY And the product page below, which we kept simple, providing the key information and also further content pulled from the blog section of the site further down the page. new-york-audio-web-design-PRODUCT

Packaging Design

As soon as we got the web design project into the development stage, StonyEdge asked us to look at the actual packaging design for the products they were shipping. Previously another designer had created designs for these, but they looked pretty basic and the typography was really letting the packaging down. Our client knew they weren’t as good as they could be. Being a strong believer in trying new things I eagerly accepted the packaging design project and set about coming up with something new, which would tie it in with the website. Here’s a look at the top of the rectangular box that the “Webcaster Microphone” product is shipped in. We wanted to take the icons we’d used on the website to portray the three product categories (audio, accessories and furniture) and use these on the packaging design to tie the two together. On the example below you can see the iconography used as a watermark and then much stronger in the red circle next to the product name. We also used the same pattern in the header of the website on the two narrow sides of the box too and it almost goes without saying that we carried through the same typefaces from the website to the packaging too. package-design-new-york-boxtop Overall our aim was to keep the design simplistic, whilst maintaing that high-end feel. Here’s StonyEdge’s reaction to seeing the packaging design:

My only comment is WOW! all details are perfectly in place.

Below you can see an example of the new box package design (click the image to view it full size). full-size-package-design-new-york

So in 2015, we’re now pleased to offer packaging design too!

We’re planning on finishing up this project in early Jan 2015, so stay tuned for live links. But, in the meantime, we’re happy to now be able to offer packaging design to our clients too. I believe that it’s crucial to get the look of all your design material consistent and so if you’re looking to work with us on your ecommerce website project, don’t forget to speak to us about packaging design too.

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