Website Design for Salisbury Architects

Discover how we redesigned Indigo Landscape Architects’ website, keeping the design clean, and making it easy to use on mobile.

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Creating a showcase for a Salisbury
based architects.

Indigo Landscape Architects needed a fresh take on their website and had some strong ideas about keeping the layout simple, clutter-free and drawing inspiration from the straight lines used in their logo.


With simplicity being at the forefront of our minds, we proposed a clean, minimal homepage design with some well thought out margins and spacing to give the site a lovely professional feel.

We made it easy to browse Indigo’s wide range of work in a projects section broken down into industries

Seeing examples of completed past projects was really important, so we created a case study template to provide Indigo with a way of discussing the intricacies of each project.

Indigo Architects new website is fully content managed, meaning they can add new projects, services and news with speed and ease. This new website has given Indigo everything they need to manage their own web presence.

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