Branding & Web Design for AD Feedstock Solutions

Discover how we approached this Branding and bespoke WordPress website project  for AD Feedstock Solutions, based in Somerset.

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Branding and website for feedstock preservation specialists in Somerset

AD Feedstock (a sister company of Kelvin Cave) got in touch with us to help them get their new feedstock management solutions business up and running online. This involved creating the company branding and producing the website.


Establishing how AD Feedstock Solutions should present itself as a brand was the first step. Their business revolves around helping optimise AD (anaerobic digestion) plants to get the most efficient outcomes and prevent wastage and this involves much scientific data. After creating 5 different initial concepts, the chosen branding drew on the science theme depicting a glucose molecule shape with the leafy stem of a crop at the centre.


Once the new branding was established we moved on to the next stage –  producing bespoke web design concepts. We drew further on the science theme with subtle nods to molecular shapes in the background of the header and we carried this through the rest of the design by cutting the edges from the bottom right of all buttons and content blocks throughout the site, to echo the edges from the glucose molecule shape in the logo.

The main goal of the new AD Feedstock Solutions website was to present their solutions (or products), so the main product archive page needed to clearly present all the options to the user. You can also see the dropdown navigation in the mock-up below too.

Each product page then required a more content heavy page to elaborate and to provide all the scientific backing, along with bespoke diagrams which we also designed to be ‘on-brand’. The sidebar on the left acts as a contents for the page, allowing the user to quickly jump to the parts of the content that interest them. Finally, we ended the page with a call to action to encourage visitors to book a consultation.

Mobile Responsive

As with all our web projects, the way the site adjusted when viewed on mobile devices was considered right from the outset to ensure the best user experience. Here’s a quick look at how various parts of the homepage adjust when viewed on smaller devices.


It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Will at Authentic Style. He did a rebrand for us and designed our website – both are better than I had envisaged at the start of the project. Will is extremely professional yet still very personable. I would highly recommend Authentic Style.

Mandy Mason
AD Feedstock Sales Director