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Johnson Baker is a specialist jewellery presentation company based in Shaftesbury, Dorset. Find out how we redesigned and modernised their website.

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Modernising an existing website

Johnson Baker are manufacturers of jewellery packaging and were founded over 80 years ago. With an emphasis on quality being part of their ethos, we wanted to make sure that the website we designed could show this, as well as the importance they place on customer service.


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Johnson Baker’s new branding needed to reflect their professional and quality service, so after presenting various type-based logos, they quickly settled on this version below.


Moving next to the redesign of the website, our goal was to totally overhaul their dated single page website with a classic design that would reflect the elite nature of their business. We wanted to outline the vast amount of products and services which Johnson Baker offer, without bombarding the website user. We came up with a sleek look and restructured site. We utilised the new branding of green and white to highlight their predominantly monochrome boxes.

Although this is a brochure site, there are numerous product pages to showcase their diverse range of boxes and jewellery packaging. As there is such a vast quantity of products and variations on them, we chose to have all the products broken down into categories for the user to browse through as you would on a traditional ecommerce website. As this website is essentially acting as Johnson Baker’s catalogue, these pages needed to be easily navigated between and with no distractions from the products.

The mobile user experience was key, as it is with every website we design, so careful consideration was taken over how the site would display content and products on mobile and tablet.

Conveying all the services Johnson Baker offers was also critical, as they don’t just supply set products, but also offer bespoke jewellery packaging, so we created beautifully laid out content pages to emphasise the hands-on and specialist knowledge that is applied to all of our their work.


The new website was created from scratch as a bespoke site on the WordPress platform. Because we built it from scratch, we were able to ensure that all of the products, services, news and imagery, etc can be easily maintained by the client.


“We found in Authentic Style, a keen and young team to work on the complete overhaul of a website, which was around 16 years old. Guided by the owner Will, and his specialists in each field, we were able to complete the project within budget, and end with a site which we are proud of. Most importantly, even our youngest and tech savvy clients have rated the new website highly.”

Richard Johnson
Johnson Baker Ltd