Bespoke Web Design for Digital Art NFT Collective

A simplistic, interactive bespoke website for digital art NFT collective, LeDAO. Find out how we approached this interesting project.

Bespoke Web Design for Digital Art NFT Collective
Bespoke Web Design
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Web Design for Digital Art NFT Collective

LeDAO is a group of dedicated art lovers and artists focused on the cultivation and curation of digital art. The group invest in digital art NFTs and have gathered quite an impressive collection of art. LeDAO contacted us as they needed a bespoke website to showcase their art and their members.


After establishing the structure for LeDAO’s new website, we got to work producing a design concept for the homepage, which would set the tone for the whole website.

We wanted to make the site very simplistic, yet interactive, so we crafted a bespoke design that utilises subtle scroll effects and animations to add interactivity and interest. Here’s a look at the new LeDAO homepage and the full screen navigation menu.

The “Our Art” page showcases all the digital art NFTs that LeDAO owns. We proposed an offset grid style design that would automatically load art in as the user scrolls down the page and provide further info when each thumbnail is hovered over.

The “About” page of the new LeDAO site is another scrolling page with subtle gradient transitions to each section of the page as the user scrolls down…

The “Members” page displays a 3 column list of all members of the LeDAO group and automatically pulls through their Twitter avatar using the Twitter API.

Finally, the “Contact” page is super simple, providing founding members information, links to LeDAO’s Twitter and Discord, along with a way to get back to the main “Our Art” page.


As with all websites we design and build, this website was integrated with WordPress. This gives LeDAO complete control over the text and image content on the website. New art can be uploaded and added to the website with ease and members can be added too.


“Authentic Style did such an amazing job from design to execution. They were able to take some simple brand guidelines and create a website that helped tell the story of the group. Easy to work with and a sense of design and vision that is hard to find.”

Tom Synder
Founder, LeDAO