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Reviva Coffee

Reviva Coffee is a new speciality coffee brand launched by Gulf Oil.

After working with us to design and build the AN-Y1 e-commerce website, Gulf Oil commissioned us again to design and build another e-commerce site, this time for Reviva, a speciality coffee brand. Time was of the essence again on this e-commerce project as Reviva Coffee had a kit sponsorship deal with Swansea City Football Club, so the website needed to launch at the start of the season.

Launch website

The overall look and feel

After creating the information architecture for all the key pages of the new Reviva e-commerce site, we started crafting an overall look and feel that would have a strong connection to the Gulf Oil brand. We utilised the orange and blue from the Gulf brand and applied this to a clean website that’s super simple to navigate on both Desktop and Mobile devices.

The e-commerce shop pages

The Reviva Coffee online shop displays the products in an easy to browse format with filtering options to refine the products. We also added the ability for users to quickly add products to their basket without having to visit product pages, making purchasing extremely quick and easy.

The product pages themselves allow users to view multiple product and lifestyle images. They also feature information about the origins of the coffee, the intensity and more. We even created functionality to allow Reviva to bundle products together and for users to select which products they’d like to form their bundle.

Streamlined basket and checkout process

The basket page keeps things simple, displaying the contents of the users bag in an easy to read manner. From experience, we also know that reiterating key reasons to buy helps convert more customers, so we included icons along the top of the basket to push home these points. Shipping options are also clearly shown so there’s complete transparency and no suprises when the user reaches the checkout.

For the checkout page we’re fans of a single page process as we know it works, so we implemented a simple form thats quick to complete whether the customer is using their mobile phone or computer.

Creating content for SEO

As with all the websites we create for our clients, we put a large emphasis on creating a blog on the Reviva site that allows them to create and publish high-quality content. This area of the site is crucial for search engine optimisation efforts and helps Reviva obtain more traffic.

Content pages

Content style pages, such as the “About” page, allow Reviva to display text and images in an engaging way as users scroll down the page. All of this is set up in WordPress so new pages can be built out using a selection of modular elements. This makes it simple for Reviva Coffee to create new content pages on the website with ease.

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