Dorset Meat Company Branding & Ecommerce

The Dorset Meat Company approached us to help them establish their new online business. Find out how we tackled their project.

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Buying free-range, grass-fed meat from
local Dorset farms just got easier.

The Dorset Meat Company work with over 20 local Dorset based farms. Their emphasis is on sustainability by using traditional and ethically organic methods to deliver quality meat direct to your door. We created their brand and their new Woocommerce website too.


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3m 53s

Average visit duration


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We created a purely type based logo that was bold and instantly recognisable working well on packaging too.


We created an ecommerce shop true to the nature of the new branding. The emphasis is on the products with a stripped back design aimed at making the products the centre-piece.

On product pages, we fixed the product description, price and buy button so it was always in view whilst the content and beautiful product photography to the left scrolls.

We knew the majority of shoppers would be on mobile so we utilised a sticky navigation bar to make browsing the shop easy. The single page checkout focuses users in on making a purchase.


We very much enjoyed working with authenticstyle in what was a very straightforward and simplified process. They are innovative, highly knowledgeable and understood our overall objectives right from the outset with a great focus on after sales care. As online retailers, this is a really important relationship and it works extremely well. Our new ecommerce website has provided a really solid platform from which to grow our business.

Nick Somper
The Dorset Meat Company

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