The Dorset Meat Company Branding & Ecommerce

New startup, The Dorset Meat Company, came to us to help create their new branding and to develop their new ecommerce store. Find out how we tackled their project.

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Now you can eat grass-fed, free range meat from local Dorset farms.

We had the pleasure of working with ‘The Dorset Meat Company’; a local business who work with 20 family run farms based around the Dorset and Wiltshire area. Their emphasis is on sustainability, by using traditional and ethically organic methods. They believe in the saying “you are what you eat” and you can be assured that their product is as nutritious as it is tasty!

As a startup, The Dorset Meat Company wanted a great platform from which to establish themselves as a prominent online meat seller. They were looking to compete with the likes of Farmison and Field & Flower and, with a bespoke ecommerce site, we were confident that we could help them with their goal. With their emphasis being sustainability and local farming, it really gave The Dorset Meat Company a unique USP allowing them to stand out from the crowd.

We recommended The Dorset Meat Company sign on to our “Growth Driven Design” methodology. This process allows us to capture data in order to measure the success of the site. By monitoring customer usage we can constantly develop and improve their site to ensure that they continue to rival their competitors.

With all of these aims in mind, we kicked the project off with the branding phase.

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