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Branding and ecommerce web design for new wedding start-up The Cheese Wedding Cake. Discover how we approached the project.

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Branding & Ecommerce

Getting a new ecommerce wedding business off the ground

After a successful career in cheese sales for a large corporate, our clients wanted to establish their own online business selling cheese wedding cakes and cheese towers online. They approached us to discuss how we might help them create their new brand “The Cheese Wedding Cake” and how our ecommerce solution could provide the foundation for a successful online business.


The first stage of the project was to create the branding. Our clients were keen for The Cheese Wedding Cake to be a brand that conveyed elegance and simplicity, so we focused our efforts on ideas based on well-set typography. The chosen design below embodied this, showing a hint of personality with the inclusion of the mouse under the company name. Once the look was decided upon we also create a simple brand guidelines document so the look and feel will be consistent no matter who produces artwork for the brand.

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Ecommerce Website

The design of The Cheese Wedding Cake’s new website needed to be clean and elegant to tie in with the new branding. We incorporated the soft, slightly feminine colour palette established during the branding to draw attention to the right areas of the site. We also utilised wedding themed photography that used similar colours to help give this site its wedding feel.

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Beautiful mobile shopping experience

We knew that the majority of The Cheese Wedding Cake’s target audience would be doing their research and shopping via their mobile device, so like all our projects, we made sure the experience on these devices was top-notch.

Due to successes with previous projects that have used this technique, we pinned a fixed navigation bar to the bottom of the screen on mobile to make it easy for customers to access the basket, their account and the main navigation.

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Full content management

The Cheese Wedding Cake’s new website was built on a foundation of WordPress and Woocommerce, which means that the site is extremely easy to use when it comes to publishing and editing content, adding products and managing orders. As with all our projects we provided a training session for our clients to be walked through managing their new site.

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