Web design for Dorset Estate Agent DOMVS

Award winning Dorset estate agent DOMVS contacted us to redesign their website & integrate it with their property feeds.

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Custom web design for an award winning Dorset estate agent

We were really excited when we were contacted by DOMVS estate agent in Dorset to talk about how we could help them redesign and develop their website.

The key requirement was to improve the look and feel and to also make management of content and properties as simple as possible.

Internally DOMVS use two pieces of software; Propco to manage their lettings properties and Reapit to manage their sales properties. This meant that their new website needed to integrate with the respective feeds from these third-party providers.


DOMVS had a clear vision for their third website. They wanted the homepage to be immersive and consist of full-page background images repeated four times down the page, focusing on their story, their sales service, community events and finally their contact details.

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We launched the DOMVS website following this approach but quickly realised from visitor feedback and from looking at the data that DOMVS’ visitors wanted to focus on performing a property search when they visited the site – that was their primary reason for visiting.

The events and community aspects of the DOMVS service were secondary and elements of the site that visitors delved into later on in their journey.

Armed with this knowledge DOMVS felt confident for us to make some quick adjustments to the homepage to put the property search front and centre and to also make the navigation permanently visible instead of hidden behind a menu icon. Here’s what those changes looked like:

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Despite the changes we made to the design, the overall look and feel had the goal of being modern, striking and letting the properties that DOMVS represent shine.

Making the search easy to use and the search results appealing and enticing was really important. We focused on letting the imagery do the talking and making the results quickly scannable.

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The property detail pages are key on any estate agent website, so we focused on letting the imagery shine with a beautiful shot of the property the first thing you see on the page. We also organised all the content relating to the property into tabs to keep the page neat and tidy and not overwhelming.

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Mobile was a key consideration, with many users browsing the site from tablets and phones. We made sure our proposed design would adjust beautifully on these devices too.

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WordPress Development

We implemented our designs with WordPress so that all content on the website is editable. This means that new events can be added with ease, client testimonials can be added, videos can be updated and just about all the content can be amended and updated easily without DOMVS needing to contact us.

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This gives DOMVS total control over the content on their site and the ability to add new content, which is so important for good Google rankings.

Reapit and Propco Feed integration

The new DOMVS estate agent website is also hooked up to both the Reapit and Propco property feeds, so that at set times of the day the new website fetches both feeds, checks for updates, and pulls through all the corresponding data to populate and update the property detail pages on the website.

authenticstyle-DOMVS Estate Agent 8

This makes admin easy for DOMVS – they add properties once (to Propco or Reapit; depending on whether its a property for let or sale), set the relevant statuses (like under offer, sold, withdrawn etc) and these get pushed to the new website as well as to other sites like Rightmove and On The Market.

This means that DOMVS don’t have to waste time updating the website independently – it’s synced with all their software.

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