Hike Japan Branding

New business branding for Japanese walking tour company Hike Japan. The new branding draws inspiration from Mount Fuji.

authenticstyle-Hike Japan Branding 2

Branding for Japanese walking tour company

Hike Japan got in touch with us to refresh their business branding. Offering a vast array of guided walking tours throughout Japan for all abilities, they needed to refresh their business branding to connect with potential customers and modernise their visual identity.


As always with branding projects we first needed to understand Hike Japan’s customer base, which was varied, with walkers of all ages looking to explore Japan. Each walker’s goals were different too, with some opting for tours that offered more culture, whilst other more experienced hikers wanted a physical challenge as well as drinking in the spectacular scenery.

We created four branding concepts each with a different direction, but the unanimous favourite was the concept below. Modern and simplistic it shows a stylised topographic view of Mount Fuji in Japan. Paired with a modern sans-serif with subtle hints of character (on the letter “k” in particular).

The new branding lent itself very well to an inverted version with a rich navy background.