Home Move Box Branding & Ecommerce

Allowing businesses to thank their customers personally with a range of gift boxes, as they move into their new home.


Heavily modified ecommerce store implementation

The Home Move Box site is essentially an ecommerce site, which allows their estate agent clients to login and purchase boxes for their customers.

As previously mentioned though, the finer details were actually quite complex. Estate Agents had to have their own secure accounts, which could include their own branding. They also had to have the ability to purchase boxes on mass and configure the specifics of each delivery.

So, for example, one order could contain 10 boxes in total with 4 boxes heading to the estate agent’s office for them to deliver, with the other 6 heading out to 6 totally different addresses. This required heavy modification of the checkout process.

We also had to import HMB’s existing customer base into the new site too, so that they could access the new site with their credentials from the old site.

Putting the ecommerce complexities aside, we integrated the new HMB site with WordPress and Woocommerce as we normally would, making it extremely easy for HMB to manage all their products, all the text content and imagery on every single page of the site – literally everything is editable.

The screenshot below shows how we made this easy on the “Bespoke Boxes” page, dividing the content up into well labelled tabs, so it’s super easy for HMB to find the sections they need to edit on that page.


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