Home Move Box Branding & Ecommerce

Allowing businesses to thank their customers personally with a range of gift boxes, as they move into their new home.


Selling the idea to potential new agents and ensuring that existing estate agents could easily order and re-order boxes for their clients.

The main goals for this project were two-fold.

Firstly, to sell the Home Move Box idea to potential new estate agent clients. And, secondly, to ensure that existing estate agents could easily manage their accounts and order boxes on mass, being able to individually configure the delivery information for each box with ease.

We began by creating wireframes for all of the main pages of the new ecommerce site. This included the homepage, shown below, along with some of the other key pages that were critical in conveying the concept of HMB’s business.

Authentic Style-Planning 4

We also needed to plan out how the account area would look for existing estate agents (bottom left). This area needed to make it easy to see recent orders, manage all their different addresses and see their order history.

Although not shown above, the checkout was critical for this project, as we needed to heavily modify how the ecommerce platform we use (Woocommerce) handled the delivery address aspect, as estate agents needed to be able to configure different delivery addresses for each box.

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