Madjeston Branding & Ice Cream Label Design

Find out how we came up with the new identity and also ice cream labels for Madjeston Milk, a popular Dorset based milk station selling produce from their farm.

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New Branding
Label Design


Branding & Label Design

Madjeston are a local dairy farm based in Gillingham Dorset who have a milk station that has become increasingly popular locally. Within the milk station Madjeston sell their own ice cream and a variety of other products, such as cheeses, bread, flapjacks, tiffins, brownies as well as vending coffee.



Madjeston asked us to take their original company branding and refresh it. They were keen for something simplistic and contemporary that would be instantly recognisable.

After producing around 4 different concepts, each tackling this brief from a different angle, we were delighted when Madjeston settled on our simplistic, modern “M” mark. After a couple of rounds of developing this idea we arrived at the finished branding below which works fantastically well in a single colour and can be inverted and applied easily to the new ice cream labels we designed too.

Ice Cream Tub Label Designs

Once the branding was signed off, Madjeston asked us to reinvigorate the label designs for each of the seven ice cream flavours they have on offer. The new labels needed to be impactful, bold, bright and stand out against any other products.

We came up with a fun, bold design that can easily be applied to any flavour they choose to create in the future. Note: the red borders on the examples below aren’t part of the design, these are the trim marks for printing.

We also created matching labels for the tub lids too.

Here’s a look at the finished ice cream flavour label designs.