Bespoke Landing Page for The British School of Paris

Discover how we designed and developed a bespoke landing page for The British School of Paris and manage their Google Ads to help drive traffic to it.

Bespoke Landing Page for British School of Paris
Bespoke Landing Page Design
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Landing page to increase conversations

The British School of Paris contacted us to discuss ways in which they could increase the number of conversations they were having with prospective families from around the world, with regards to joining their independent school. Their main website didn’t offer much flexibility for creating new pages and there were far too many distractions, so we proposed the design and development of a stand-alone landing page which we could then drive traffic to via Google Ads campaigns.


The benefit of using a landing page (rather than directing people to the main school website) means that the message and desired action can be crystal clear. We wanted parents to either book a chat with a member of staff, or to send an enquiry email. Based on these goals, we designed a laser focused landing page that provided all the detail parents would need to know (via text, images and video), but would only allow parent so do three things; book a chat, send an email or leave the page altogether.

The design of the landing page itself closely matches the look and feel of the main school website, and we were sure to make sure that our design translated well on smaller devices – such as tablets and mobiles as we knew much of the traffic to this page would come from parents browsing on those smaller devices.

Once The British School of Paris were happy with the way the landing page was looking, we then hand-coded it as a custom WordPress theme, making all the content editable. The beauty of integrating their landing page with WordPress, means we can also roll out alternative landing pages with modified text quickly and easily when we need to. Essentially, this one landing page template can be reused for a multitude of different topics and campaigns should The British School of Paris need to run further campaigns in the future.


We are delighted to know be regularly managing Google Ads campaigns for The British School of Paris, driving a large amount of traffic to the new landing page each month. We’re also pleased to report that engagement is high and The British School of Paris have been able to increase the number of conversations they are having with parents and families from around the world, who are looking for their children to attend an independent school located in Paris, France.