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Lyphe Clinic

Lyphe is the largest clinic specialising in legal medical cannabis treatment in the UK and Channel Islands.

Lyphe Clinic contacted us to discuss how we could help them in several areas. Firstly refining their existing brand by developing an overall brand style that would set them apart. And secondly, to create a bespoke website (with e-commerce shop) that would provide their patients with a wonderful user experience, all whilst making it super-easy for the Lyphe marketing team to administer on a daily basis. Find out how we delivered all this and more…

Launch website

Brand styling

Lyphe Clinic approached us with an inconsistent brand. Their existing website had gone through years of updates with various elements and pages being bolted on, which had resulted in visual inconsistency. Essentially the way they were presenting themselves as a brand needed tightening up.

We helped Lyphe achieve brand consistency by exploring various ideas and ultimately created a brand style guide that clearly defined their colour palette, typefaces, image styles and more. Our goal was to redirect the focus from everyday cannabis stereotypes to a brand that projected friendliness, expertise and trust.

A revitalised online experience

With the brand styling setting the tone, we next begin carefully planning the user experience of the new Lyphe website and online shop. By first producing wireframe layouts for all the key pages of the Lyphe website (on Desktop & Mobile), we were able to ensure that the patient experience would be notch on all devices.

Clear pricing

As part of this project Lyphe totally restructured their pricing model, so special consideration was given to the Pricing page on the website, ensuring that different subscription levels were made clear.

Drawing on our conversion rate optimisation experience we addressed potential objections by including video testimonials from existing patients, as well as an “Appointment Timeline” making it crystal clear how initial appointments and repeat prescriptions work, as well as additional costs for these too.



Medical cannabis has the power to help people suffering from a wide range of medical conditions, so we looked to include a whole section dedicated to this, allowing visitors to clearly see the conditions it can treat, with the ability to read more about each one. The added benefit of having individual pages for every condition is that these serve as important pages for SEO and bringing traffic into the site.

E-commerce experience

Lyphe also wanted to expand their online offering by providing users with the ability to buy their products online too.

As part of this new website, we carefully planned out the integration of an online shop that provides an easy to navigate shopping experience on Mobile and Desktop devices. We were also keen to ensure that Lyphe had all the tools at their disposal to be able to optimise key pages of the shopping experience for SEO too.

Content marketing made easy

Talking of SEO, the Lyphe blog provided a vast source of traffic on their old website and was the focus of their content marketing efforts. With this in mind we meticulously planned out a much improved Blog section on their new website, which makes filtering content by category a breeze and also allows users to quickly access featured articles too greatly increasing engagement time within this section of the site.

Individual blog posts themselves now also include calls to action to encourage visitors to book an appointment, helping Lyphe convert more of that search traffic into paying customers.

Conditional form flows

A major part of this project were the various forms that were essential to Lyphe’s business. The main “form flow” was their medical cannabis eligibility checker. This multi-step form with conditional logic asks users a variety of questions and provides them with various outcomes at the end – all based on their choice of answers.

Ensuring the UX (user experience) was easy to use for the eligibility checker (and also Lyphe’s repeat prescription and clinic transfer forms) was key to the success of this project, so we designed a form layout that puts the focus on the questions by stripping back all other elements and clearly highlights what part of the process the user is viewing. This ensures these forms are a pleasure to use on Mobile & Desktop devices.

Content management requirements

Lyphe’s old website was extremely difficult for them to manage, so this new website we created was specifically set up using a library of modular blocks that Lyphe’s marketing team can choose from in the admin area where editing or adding pages. This gives them the flexibility to move content into different locations on pages and even build out their own pages – landing pages for Google Ad campaigns being one example of how this flexibility is utilised.

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