MilkshakeBranding & Packaging Design

Find out how we came up with the new identity and packaging for The Great Shakes Co. A new 100% plant-based milkshake launching soon.

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New Branding
Packaging Design


Branding & Packaging Design

The Great Shakes Co. came to us to give their new brand life. The milkshake company, the idea of two cousins, came about from them recognising a gap in the market for a plant-based milkshake designed to be an exciting, healthier alternative to all the sugar-filled products that are currently on our supermarket shelves.


As always with branding projects we took a comprehensive brief from The Great Shakes Co. finding out their likes and dislikes and where they would like to position themselves within the market.

After producing around five different concepts, each coming at the brief from different angles, the unanimous favourite was this simplistic logo mark below, which was versatile enough to be used as a stamp and also as a more traditional icon sat next to type.

The beauty of this logo is that it also works inverted, so it can be easily applied on top of photography – a real plus looking ahead to the production of images for social media platforms like Instagram.

Whilst working on this concept we realised that the milk bottle icon worked beautifully in a stamp configuration and so we propose that this be the arrangement used on the actual product packaging as it would allow us to depict the milkshake flavour. Below you can see how the branding works for vanilla, triple chocolate and mocha.

330ml Packing Design

Once the branding was signed off, we worked up several packing concepts for the 330ml carton The Great Shakes Co. wanted to use.

Keeping things simple and bold to help ensure maximum visibility on the shelves was really important, and we did that by introducing big and bold typography with subtle erosions to mimic the stamp. The droplet was another subtle graphical element that worked beautifully as the dot on the “i” for the Classic Vanilla and Triple Chocolate flavours.


1 Litre Packaging Design

With the packaging design for the 330ml carton confirmed, it was now time to apply this concept to the much larger 1 litre carton.

The simplistic nature of the concept meant that it worked perfectly on this larger packaging and also allowed us to show some product benefits and the official vegan trademark too.


Brand Guidelines

At the completion of this project we also produced a brand guidelines document for The Great Shakes Co. so they have a document outlining how their new brand should be used moving forward. This will help ensure that all their visual material will remain consistent and “on-brand”.

If you are looking for branding and packaging designs to be created for a product you are developing, then please do contact us as we would love to help bring your vision to life!