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Esterform Packaging, based in Tenbury Wells, create world-class PET containers and preforms for brands such as Innocent and Unilever. Esterform provide a large range of off-the-shelf and also bespoke solutions for their customers needs.

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Our solution

Esterform’s old website was extremely dated and made it very difficult for potential and existing customers to find the right products and solutions for their needs. As well as bringing the look and feel of the website up to date, it was our job to better convey Esterform’s offering, and also revamped their product finder tool. The new product finder tool we developed allows visitors to select an industry, select their preform requirements and return a list of suitable options for their needs.

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The new improved website has allowed Esterform to more clearly communicate what they offer, make it much easier for customers to find what they need and has given them a platform to produce content in the form of case studies to demonstrate their abilities.

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