Robertson Sumner Recruitment Branding

Updated business branding & visual identity for Sales & IT specialist recruiters Robertson Sumner. Find out how we tackled this project.

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Branding for Sales & IT Recruiter

Robertson Sumner, specialist Sales and IT recruiters, got in touch with us to refresh their tired business branding. The previous branding had been in use for quite some time and the colour palette made use of muted reds and an off-black, along with a puzzle piece icon that can be quite overused in the recruitment sector. Overall the visual identity needed to be brought up-to-date and in line with the cutting-edge recruitment the company were offering.


As with all branding projects, we created a selection of ideas, all tackling the clients goal of modernising and energising their old branding. After presenting our ideas to the client, they quickly settled on the branding below.

Utilising a much brighter red and a rich navy, this new visual identity for Robertson Sumner has much more energy, helped by the slightly slanted “RS” mark which helps give the brand forward motion.

Robertson Sumner’s new visual identity worked perfectly inverted on a range of different colour backgrounds – something they were keen to do with their offline marketing collateral.

And the “RS” mark we created gave them a brand element that could again be used across all their marketing collateral and projects a really modern feeling.

Both ourselves and the client were delighted with how the final branding turned out and you can see the new Robertson Sumner branding in use on their website and also on their very popular recruitment podcast.