St Mary's School Shaftesbury, Dorset

Leading Dorset based independent school for girls, St Mary’s contacted us with a challenge. An overhaul of their school website in a very tight time frame.


Coming up with the look and feel

Once we had walked St Mary’s through these proposed layouts, and made some minor alterations, we moved onto producing the design concepts.

Our main goal was to ensure that everything had a consistent look and feel. In order to do this we wanted the website design to meticulously tie in with St Mary’s printed material, coupled with the natural beauty which surrounds the idyllic school.

Using their prospectus as inspiration, we used large visuals in a panel style with large white borders as a foundation for the design so that our web concepts didn’t deter from St Mary’s brand guidelines.

authenticstyle-St Mary's 2

What made the website not lose momentum was St Mary’s diligence at providing new content so that we had everything we needed to work with when we moved into the website build.

Colour palette

Colours were dictated by St Mary’s brand guidelines.

Again taking inspiration from existing material, we decided to use the ideas set out in St Mary’s brochure. Each main content area within the brochure was colour coded, so we brought this through onto the website by changing the colour of the sidebar on content pages, depending on what section of the site you are within.

authenticstyle-St Mary's 3

Mobile designs

Ensuring that the user experience on mobile was top notch was really critical to the success of this new website. Here’s a look at how some of the key pages of the new school website shaped up on mobile:

authenticstyle-St Mary's 4

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