St Mary's School Shaftesbury, Dorset

Leading Dorset based independent school for girls, St Mary’s contacted us with a challenge. An overhaul of their school website in a very tight time frame.


Full content management with WordPress

After St Mary’s signed off on the design concepts, we set about integrating the designs with WordPress so that St Mary’s would have complete control of all content and imagery.

Our goals in the development stage of the project were; to make the site really easy for St Mary’s to update and secondly to ensure that the site was fast with some elegant effects to make the site reflect their brand.

Once we’d developed the site on our test server, we invited St Mary’s in for a training session so that they would be completely comfortable managing the site going forward.

Here you can see how simple it is for St Mary’s to update content on the homepage of their site:

authenticstyle-Development 15

The final part of the project was to drop the copy into the website along with some final testing to check for bugs and issues.

We quickly got approval and were delighted to be given the all clear to launch the website within just 4 weeks of starting the project!

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