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Branding, ecommerce website design and development for Dorset based retailer, The Labrador Company.


Refreshing the existing branding and injecting some fun

The first step in this ecommerce project was to look at refreshing the existing Labrador Company branding.

The Lab Co didn’t want or need a complete overhaul. Their brand had good levels of recognition, but it had reached a point where they needed to project a much more professional feeling.

The labrador icon itself needed some slight refinement and the typeface required a much more grown up feel.

Here’s what we came up with after showing the client several options:

In order to inject a little fun into the brand, something we thought would be more than appropriate for this industry was the idea of “theming” the labrador icon in the logo – depending on the season/occasion.

authenticstyle-Branding 3

As you can see above, we came up with numerous versions of the logo to display on the site for different occasions – Christmas, Easter, Remembrance Day, St Patrick’s and of course Dog Appreciation Day to name a few!

On the website itself we also used a micro-animation to ‘wag’ the dog’s tail. The more curious visitor to the website will also notice that the wagging speeds up with excitement as you hover over it!

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