The Labrador Company Branding & Ecommerce

Branding, ecommerce website design and development for Dorset based retailer, The Labrador Company.


Coming up with the look and feel

The Labrador Company were delighted with how the wireframes started shaping up on desktop and mobile, so upon their sign-off we started designing their new ecommerce store.

From the image above you can see how the key pages of the website started shaping up.

We were keen to advise a clean, clear and uncluttered layout – to allow the products to shine. We also proposed that the shop categories be ever present at the top of the page in small square blocks, allowing the navigation between categories super-easy for the user.

Nice shopping features

This being an ecommerce store, the product and checkout pages were crucial to get right.

On product pages we opted to fix the essential information; the variations (e.g. colours, sizes), quantity, price and “Add to Basket” button to the right hand side of page whilst all the beautiful product imagery scrolls past. We preferred this instead of just displaying all the product images in a gallery with one large photo and smaller thumbnails, as you find on most ecommerce sites.

authenticstyle-Design 7

On the checkout we also recommended removing the actual website navigation so as to focus the user on completing their purchase. In this day and age with ecommerce, it’s important to remove all distractions to focus the user on achieving their goal.

Colour palette

The new branding we had created was entirely black and grey, so we needed a nice accent colour to bring the website to life.

A nice cross between duck egg blue and country green worked really well and used sparingly, it allowed us to give the ecommerce store an elegant, high-end feel.

authenticstyle-Design 4

Mobile designs

For any ecommerce store, the mobile experience is a huge factor in determining the success of the project.

From our existing analysis of The Labrador Company’s website, we knew that over 50% of their traffic came from users browsing on both tablet and mobile, so we had to give this a fair amount of consideration.

A feature we’ve found works well on ecommerce stores when viewed on mobile, is having a fixed bar at the bottom of the screen. This ensures that key information is always in plain site of the user when shopping. In The Lab Co’s case it was the currency switcher, account and basket.

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